Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Trinity.

          Love the Trinity By James White. We were blessed to find this article this morning after we read Lee Grady's book. There is a movement in the Charismatic movement called oneness theology, the idea that there is One Person in God who "emanates" into three different forms. This is a FLAT OUT DENIAL of the Personhood Of the Three CoEqual,  CoEternal Persons with in the One being of God. Here is a taste of this article, and a link to the rest.
Some Christians struggle with the fact that the Trinity is not a term that appears in Scripture. Why should we believe a doctrine that is not specifically stated in some sort of creedal manner in the Bible? Why don’t we find a nice, simple definition of the Trinity in Scripture?6 Were the early Christians “Trinitarians”? Some say no. I beg to differ.
One of the most important truths to grasp about the Bible’s revelation of the Trinity is that the truth of the Trinity is revealed primarily in acts of God — specifically, in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ and in the coming of the Holy Spirit to indwell the church. The greatest proof that God is Triune is found in the ministry, death, burial, and resurrection of the Son of God and in the coming of the Spirit. These events took place between the writing of the Old and New Testaments. The Old Testament contains predictions and glimpses of what comes into clear view only in the ministry of Christ recorded in the New Testament. In the same way the Trinity is revealed before the writing of the New Testament so that is writtenby Trinitarians for Trinitarians. The apostle Peter, for example, had personallyexperienced the Trinity, for he had heard the Father speak from heaven, had walked with the Son, and was then indwelt by the Holy Spirit. B.B. Warfield observed: “We may understand also, however, from the same central fact, why it is that the doctrine of the Trinity lies in the New Testament rather in the form of allusions than in express teaching, why it is rather everywhere presupposed, coming only here and there into incidental expression, than formally inculcated. It is because the revelation, having been made in the actual occurrences of redemption, was already the common property of all Christian hearts.”7    Read the rest Love the Trinity! 

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Genius of Ancient Man

     Dr. Don Landis, President of Jackson Hole Bible College, together with his research team, is the author of this book The Genius of Ancient Man.  This book is a large hard bound book filled with history, archeology, and color photographs to provide for us a glimpse of the way that History is His story, and truth can never be rewritten to the point that it completely hides God's works and ways, although the enemy will try. In the war against God, keeping people from seeing His hand in history is a major strategy. When God says that Man was made in His image, and that even after the Fall man was fantastically intelligent, the enemy trains our children to think ancient man could barely figure out how to tie a loin cloth on and sat in a cave trying to make fire all day. Cartoons like Barney Rubble gave us this, and I know older adults who had been given the idea that aliens built the impressive structures of the ancient world.

Once again, science and observation are on the Christians side. This is why I am so excited to read this book- clear writing, color photography, and it is big! Twelve by ten inches and 107 pages long,  this book, like all sound  Christian Books, never neglects the spiritual realities of a topic. The way we think about ancient man will depend on our beliefs about spiritual things, our presuppositions. And most disturbing, if God's Word is not our foundation, we will get our ideas from other places, and those ideas will determine how we view ancient man and everything else. There are MANY counterfeit views on ancient man. It is not enough to have evolutionists telling us that we are slightly refined old world monkeys, spinning about in a world devoid of meaning, we now have new age cultists telling us that we are cycling through history, with mankind reaching almost to the heavens and then being wiped out again and again- with the final wipeout coming this December, four days before Christmas.   In the midst of all these voices, what does the Bible tell us?  What does history tell us?  What does the record that ancient man left behind tell us? What do the mathematically correct angles and artful masonry of their work testify to? This book shows us through 107 pages of full color photographs. These photographs, maps, and timelines lay out the history of ancient man, what he built, what technology he had, how he traveled, where he traveled to, and all of this ultimately testifies to which version of history is true. It is Scripture's account that is proved true again and again. Man was made in the image of God with full intelligence surpassing our intelligence today, and then he fell  into rebellion and sin which perverted his intelligence and led him to serve false gods and idols with the mind God gave him.

Why does this matter to us as Christians right now? For at least two very good reasons. The first is that if we allow the naturalists or the new agers to tell us what ancient man was, we have accepted mans word over Scripture and History.  Once we get our History right, we can get our Present right. We aren't worrying about the end of the world this Christmas, because we know that God who Created Man and the World told us no man knows the End of the World.

The second reason is surprising and disturbing. Most of those giant pyramids, monuments were built with religious significance. A counterfeit religion, a perversion of truth, is seen in almost every place, every ritual. And more and more, these same counterfeits, these same perversions, are being highlighted today.  There are whole cult groups today, rearing their ugly heads, trying to breath life into the dead cults of thousands of years ago. When ever a "new" religion begins to lead people astray we as Christians need to know about it, so we can know how to witness against it.    This book would be a very good  history/ Creation Science book for those ages 13 and up. It would also be a great book to start a  Creation conversation on, because how many people do you know who would immediately look at the cover and say "Oh, an APEMAN!"
The Genius of Ancient Man
I am grateful to New Leaf Press for giving us  The Genius of Ancient Man to review. It provided hours of edification to our family, and was a reminder of our past and a warning to be careful of counterfeit religions in the present based on the counterfeits of the past.



Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The True account of Adam and Eve.

   The True Account of Adam and Eve, written by Mr. Ken Ham and illustrated by Mr. Bill Looney, click on his name to see his lovely art work. The fresh, dewy garden of Eden with bumble bees and chameleons makes you long to be there.
 The True Account of Adam and Eve is  published by Master Books, a division of New Leaf Publishing Group this book is offered free for review and you can sign up for this and other wonderful books right here!!!
   What I loved about this book was the firm belief in a literal Genesis and its Scriptural foundation.
The illustrations were beautiful and very realistic, I loved the paintings of Adam and Eve in the garden, with the wooly mammoth! The 38 inch painting of Paradise on one side and a dry, sandy desert crushed by sin as Adam breaks the ground and toils the earth on the other side is impressive also.
The text inside helped explain alot of questions that children have, especially about evolution, one of the pressing and controversial issues in our culture.
    The Gospel message is the central theme in this book as it is in Genesis. As the book noted the very first prophecy about Jesus Christ is Gensis 3:15. It was presented truthfully and in words children could understand but I did see one thing in this book that I feel parents should have a conversation with their children about. This book emphasized humans sin nature and how being sinful would seperate us eternally from God, as a child I thought that God could never send anyone to hell and that a good God wouldn't judge and these former misconceptions are why it concerns me, We do not go to hell just because we have a sin nature, we go to hell because we reach a point when we know that we are sinning and continue sinning and rebelling agaist God, this is what sends us to hell, a life time of rejection and rebellion, not only the fact that we have an inescapable (without God) sin nature , all the followers of God still have a sin nature but what would have condemned them is if they had chosen not to follow God. 
  My fear is that if children misunderstand the reason why people go to hell and think it is simply because of Adam and Eve they will not understand the real human sin in its fullness, and Hell will not make sense.  I think the evil of sin is addressed here by showing the beauty of Eden spoiled, of course as children grow we can begin to give them more examples of human depravity and explain that NO ONE is good at heart- God does not send any "good" people to Hell.
     I believe that they spoke more on sin nature because the book was about Adam and Eve who were responsible for our sin natures.
We must start with Scripture, presented and explained all through a childs life. As Paul said to Timothy- From a Child you have known the Holy Scriptures. This book taught well on sin and salvation, and this book will make a wonderful book for parents and children to read together. As all of Answers in Genesis Books do, of course!!! I would begin reading this book and explaining the colored pictures to children as soon as you start reading to them, so that children will be steeped in the words of this Book and the Bible.
I recieved this book free from New Leaf Publishing Group in requirement for providing an honest impartial review.


Made in Heaven

     Made in Heaven- written by evangelist and author of many excellent books about witnessing, using the law to spread the gospel, and Creation Science Ray Comfort. This book is co-authored by aerospace engineer Jeffrey Seto, and published by Master Books, a dision of New Leaf Publishing, and offered free for an honest review.

Source: via Kirk on Pinterest      

   This book is fascinating. Solid science that challenges the mind with out being too technical but lets you know that Christian Scientists like Mr. Seto, an aerospace engineer, never sacrifice scientific accuracy, or reason for Faith- there is no need at all to make that sacrifice! Faith is Reasonable! In this book, written by a Scientist and an Evangelist you have a perfect pair. A study of God's Creation in a way that always points back to the Creator. As Mr. Comfort says, looking at a painting points you to the Painter!!!
The book begins with Mr. Seto writing "Engineering is a complex and dynamic field that drives our modern culture with technological advances. They make our lives better, according to Merriam Webster, 'through the application of science and mathematics by which the properties of matter and the sources of energy in nature are made useful to people.' In short: engineers discover better, faster, and more innovative new products that improve our lives.
    Engineering is imagination-and design- driven. Nowhere is this more evident than the study of the natural world applied to the science of engineering. Engineers have long examined God's Creation to understand and mimic complex and proven mechanics of design. They have plumbed the depths of the natural world, encompassing insects to plants to man in search of wisdom and insight."  
  I love a science book that shows science as the Christian's domain, not the stronghold of  evolutionary beliefs! I love a science book that begins with this verse from Revelation "Worthy are You, or Lord and our God to receive Glory and Honor and Power, for You Created all things, and by Your will they existed and were Created." Revelation 4 verse 11.
  Science must be recovered as subduing the earth and having Dominion over it.  Mr. Seto continues, "The simplicity yet intricacy of how God's designs work and how He manufactures complexity in nature astounds and inspires engineers in hypotheses and designs that could not be formed otherwise. We can only marvel, admire, and maybe copy some examples our Creator has left for us to discover."

 When we brought our laptop computer home last year, everyone was so excited.It was a marvel of engineering. Our computer  could save years of files. Our computer found things easily. Our computer could recall all of our history. I thought to myself- All these people have a computer in their head that remembers years and years ago, is very fast, and they take it for granted! This book reminds us that as marvelous as the human engineering is- we are surrounded by engineering beyond our wildest dreams!
 And that is what we do as we read this book. We marvel -at the fish scales that we are copying to make body armor, at the human eye, at lily leaves that clean themselves.
We learn that a blue butterfly is only blue because its wings are designed to let the light show us only blue.  And at the heart of this book is the Gospel, the desire to let the Created world in all its richness and glory point to the Creator. The Painting points to the Painter. As the Westminster Confession confirms, Q. 2. How doth it appear that there is a God?
A. The very light of nature in man, and the works of God, declare plainly that there is a God;[3] but His word and Spirit only do sufficiently and effectually reveal Him unto men for their salvation.[4]

   The works of God tell us He is.  But only the Spirit and His Word do reveal our Salvation.  As Ray Comfort says, "When skeptics ask for a 'sign' that 'proves' the existence of our Creator, the sign to look for is the sign of nature's design. When Sir Isaac Newton said that atheism was 'senseless', he chose his words carefully. Those who look at the unspeakably wonderful design of nature and don't see the hand of the Designer truly are sense-less. They're not using their God given sensess of sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Nature screams of God and for some reason they turn a deaf ear, a blind eye, and a closed mouth."   
    As Christians we should be the most zealous for Science, the most ardent learners, and the most passionate students of " trees, bees,  and even knees- with their remarkable ball and socket joints." Books from New Leaf Publishing Group and Master Books equip us to be students and learners. I feel that this book would be a favorite of boys especially. It is full of drawings of eyes, and brains, and other science things. The only thing I would not have enjoyed as a little girl was the dissected cats retina.Give this book to your budding  Creation scientists!