Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Photo and A Quote.


  1. Hello Faith!
    Thank you for ALL the great comments you've written on my blogs. I really enjoyed hearing from you.
    Thanks for recommending MP Newsroom. Actually, I just signed up the first time I visited your blog, because I saw a link on your blog. I am always glad to hear about more companies who offer books for reviewing. It's fun!

    Thanks again for visiting my blogs. Your comments are really interesting.

    Do you take the photographs on this blog? They're really pretty!

    1. Thank you Miss Marjoram! Glad you like Moody Press, and glad you signed right up! So what is your first choice for books? I'll be excited about seeing which Moody press book you choose. My sister takes the photographs. She will smile when I tell her that everyone who has commented on this blog loves her photos. She and I are both working on the book reviews. This week we are reading Albert Mohler from Bethany House and Nick Vujicic from Waterbrook. That will be our second Bethany House and our first Waterbrook. Glad you found Moody. I emailed Crossway too, because they have really good books, and they told me to apply again in April after I have been blogging for more than six months straight. There is one book coming from there next spring that I would love to review- The Christian Homemakers Handbook. I will try again then. Right now I am blessed with a lot of reading to do! Maybe Crossway is another place you could sign up for? Here is the link [http://www.crossway.org/group/apply]

  2. Really pretty picture and love God's word. :O)

  3. Aww, a female Oregon Junco. Those are such cute birds. :D