Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Albert Mohler. Leaders are Teachers.

  This is an encouragement to all the home educators!  "Love undergirds the entire process of learning, taught Augustine. First, the teacher loves those he will teach.  The teacher is not only imparting knowledge but also giving a gift." If this doesn't encourage those teaching at home, maybe this will! "Second Augustine taught that the teacher must love what he teaches. The best teachers are those who simply can't wait to teach something they love.  The Third but most important thing that Augustine reminded Christian leaders was that we teach because we first love Christ, who first loved us.  Lastly, Augustine defined the ultimate goal of teaching in a powerful way that should reshape every teacher or leader's vision of what we do. The goal of teaching is to see every student instructed, delighted and moved. Until conviction is transformed into action it makes no difference in the world." 

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