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   I AM THAT I AM is a Bible Study, a reference book, and a book for just plain reading.

If you need a reference book this one catalogs every Covenant, every Parable, each Healing miracle and God's Names.
If you want to do a Bible study you can study through the Parables, miracles, Names of God and Covenants using this volume to help you understand the meanings.
The reason the book was written is to lead us into a better understanding of God by studying Scripture and understanding Christ's Love for us by seeing the Covenants as His Promises to us, His Healing Miracles as expressions of His care toward us, and the parables as Him revealing Truth to us.  The beauty of this big book is the fact that Judy Leblanc has gathered together 75 theologians and given us their insights in one volume. She does not attempt to give us the meanings, she gives us commentary by Dr. Warren Wiersbe, Dr. Norman Geisler,  Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. Scofield, Dr. Hagner, Dr. Lockyer and many other theologians and scholars and lets us sift through their  ideas about what the meaning is, and her carefully written comments knit their thoughts together. The quotes from pastors and scholars are very interesting, and they give you a lot of good interpretations on what everything means. Was the servant who buried his talent a Christian or not? Was he saved or was he a tare? Was he cast into hell when he was cast into outer darkness, or did he just lose his reward?
 Barclay is quoted quite a bit- a very Liberal man,  who thought the Virgin Birth was optional, and that walking across the lake may have meant walking around the lake. This is tempered though by quoting Matthew Henry, Spurgeon, and even Calvin. It is sharpening to read a liberal sometimes, to be able to argue against him. None of his miracle-denying quotes were included, however, I was pleased with that. The section on the healing miracles was fascinating. I tend to read the miracles without studying them. This book helped me see themes in the miracles I would not have seen. I enjoyed the New Testament especially, two thirds of the book is New Testament- the other third is the Old Testament and Covenants. It is worth reading. That is the meat.

There are bones to avoid, however. First is the "Re-creation"  that espouses the Ruin-Reconstruction theory. The book begins by giving the date for the universe at 4 Billion years old, a date we by no means need to support- visit and search age of the universe. Throughout the years Christians have attempted to reconcile this billions of years age with the plain six literal day reading of Genesis, and one of the theories used is Ruin Reconstruction. The idea is that when the angels fell- which they believe happened prior to Man being Created- God destroyed the earth and then made it again, and all those years fit in there somewhere. That is a large bone, because although the age of the earth is not a salvation issue, it is an authority issue. Whose word do we believe? Holy God or sinful man?

Aside from this, I am very glad that I received a copy of this book to review from Crosslink in the Bookcrash program. Thank you to the author for putting so much time into collecting all the commentary on these verses, and writing a book full of insights!
The commentary by all the scholars and pastors on the New Testament and the Old Testament made this a helpful book.
I Am that I Am.

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