Friday, December 28, 2012


 Living the Psalms, by Charles Swindoll.   
This book is the perfect companion to Living the Proverbs, Insights for the Daily Grind.It is obvious that the Proverbs are full of insights for the daily grind- after all, they are hard hitting wisdom in short pieces. The Psalms are Wisdom and Beauty combined perfectly- not like the proverbs though. A friend of mine reading the Bible for the first time straight through loved the proverbs, and needed help with the Psalms. This book came just in time for them.  

The Psalms have been comforting, soothing and refreshing us for centuries. The Proverbs have been convicting us, giving us wisdom and teaching us for centuries.  The Psalms are the most beautiful poetry ever written and have poured from the lips of thousands of Christians through the centuries, yet, as much as we have heard them, sung them, read them, whispered them, cried over them and through them, there is still new wine to press out of them, as Charles Spurgeon said. Charles Swindoll wrote this 324 page book to help us taste the joy, majesty, wisdom, and Praise of the Psalms as we search them for insights for the daily grind. 

God Sovereignly gave us the book at the perfect time. Some of the readings even spoke to my heart as my heart's own cry the very day I read them. Psalm 139 spoke to my heart the night after meeting a very sad young person who does not know the LORD. He felt lost and alone in the world. He needs to know God has his days in His Book, that there is nowhere he can flee from God's Presence- neither heaven nor sheol can hide him from God's eyes. Psalm 139 needs to be pressed into his heart indelibly, and I pray it will someday be his song. 

                 Lord, you hem me in, behind and before! 
                 You have searched me and know me! 
                 Such knowledge is too wonderful, 
                      too high for me to attain!  
After reading Pastor Swindoll's insights on Psalm 139, I prayed it through as a prayer and was overwhelmed with the meanings in it I never saw.   I was blessed to receive this book from Worthy Publishing free for a review.  Pastor Swindoll is beloved world wide for his clear, passionate Bible teaching. He can be visited at  The book trailer can be watched here Living the Psalms - YouTube 


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