Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Whitney I knew.

 The Whitney I knew, by BeBe Winans. This biography of Whitney Houston is written by a dear friend of hers, BeBe Winans.  Having loved Whitney's music for a long time I was blessed to be able to meet her through this book.
    The best part of this book was the personal stories shared about Whitney, how family was so important to her and what a generous and wonderful person she was, even generously making a loan of 50,000 dollars to the author for the house he wanted to buy but didn't have the money for, never asking or expecting him to pay her back.

This book will open your eyes to the abuse of celebrities and how Whitney who craved deep loving relationships, was hurt by people who misused her and attacked her.  It brought to light the fact that often the world abuses the people in the spotlight making incorrect assumptions about them and hating them for it, never comprehending that whatever their social status they are people too.
    I doubt until reading this book anyone will know how close she was to the Winans, I certainly didn't.  BeBe, CeCe and all the Winans were her adopted brothers and sisters, who she could always count on to be there for her.
    I was glad to see the way the author wrote wrote about her life, in a loving honest way, wanting the world to see past the tabloids and magazines and their lies and distortion to the true Whitney, also from a Christian perspective thus being able to write about her faith in God.
I would recommend this book that I so enjoyed to anyone who loves her or her music.

Bones are minor, and include a quote from T D Jakes.

 BeBe Winans is a Gospel singer, writer and producer, and has six Grammy Awards.  He and his sitser CeCe were brother and sister in Christ with Whitney. 

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