Sunday, December 2, 2012


  When Nick Vujicic says that God wants us to have a Ridiculously Good Life, he does not mean that we will have
 A Big Income.
 Fancy Vacation.
 Two Homes.
  Perfect Health.
 No. None of those things. If that was his message, he would not have been able to preach it to the people he does. Nick has told men dying of AIDs in prison. Elderly ladies in a nursing homes. Girls in India who had been kidnapped and sold into the brutalizing "sex trade."  When  Nick says that we can all have a ridiculously good life he is telling the truth. As R. C Sproul Jr says, "The Good Life is knowing God". And I would add, knowing and loving your brethren. That is what Nick is saying. The Ridiculously Good Life is a life of rich relationships and Christian Service. Christ can reach us anywhere, rescue us from any sin, and comfort us in any pain.  God our Father can show us His love in the prison or the nursing home. And then we can take and give this love to the world in Christ's Name.  People made in the image of God need our help and love in schools where innocent victims are being bullied and the men and women who are self destructing, believing the cunning, deadly lies of the enemy that there is no hope, and attempting suicide all around us. And some succeed. Those who don't often live with the shame of having tried. Having failed to "have it all together". And we as the Church, so often don't know how to reach them. We don't want to get involved in anybody's business. We fear being pushed away. We aren't sure how to tell them there is Hope. Hope in Christ and Him alone. That is the message Nick brings. God is love. God loves you. God's kindness towards you should cause you to repent of your sins and trust Him.  This book is filled with examples of absolute brokenness, transformed by God who rescues His children.  Nick is no stranger to doubt, fear, and pain. As a boy he feared being a burden to his parents and told himself he would die so as not to burden them. How wrong he was! His parents thank God for blessing them with their son! Nick feared that no woman would love him. Wrong again! My favorite photo is on the back flap- Nick and his beautiful wife. They look so happy together.
      There is a lot worth thinking about here.  We as the Church need to think, and ACT to stop bullying, suicide, desperation, hopelessness. I love the stories about how God has used Nick in the lives of other children born without limbs. He tells us about one lovely little girl and one dear little boy especially, that he has been able to work with their parents to show them that their baby is not going to have a horrible life-not at all!!! God even used Nick in a village where the people were murdering the babies born without limbs. When they saw him, and his joy and energy, they saw that their children could grow up to do good things. Missionaries report that there have been no more killings in those villages after Nick visited.

In one story that Nick recounts he quotes a man who talks about how his Church stepped up and began to work and live in the community to make a difference. They took over doing things that the city could not pay to have done. They found out that when the Church moved out into the community, the community realized that there was something different about the Church. This is so true and needful. Last week we drove into town and along a street full of bars. On the left hand side was historic, stone and brick Churches.  I could not help but wonder if the men and women in those buildings ever reached out to the people on the streets, the lost souls who are  entering the temples of drunkenness.  Somewhere in the story, someone said that they realized that doctrine needed to stop dividing them.  What I can do to help us understand this is to quote Ravi Zacharias, who said that doctrinal differences come in two kinds, Form and Substance. Form is a difference in the outward way we do things. Substance is a real difference in what we believe. We must reach out, and we must give each other Grace. We must not ever give up doctrine. We need to reach out in real ways with the Love of God. Doctrine, the systematized Truths of the Faith, tell us what Love is, and Who God is. Without those doctrines we could never give people the true, saving Message. In other words, we need the Faith in action!
 Nick Vujicic is an inspirational speaker as well as running two ministries Attitude is Altitude and Life without Limbs He was married in February of 2012, to the love of his life Kanae. They are expecting their first baby.
Book Trailer.,The Book,Chapter One.

Nick, speaking with girls rescued out of the brutalizing sex trade.


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