Sunday, December 30, 2012

When a Woman overcomes life's Hurts.

book title frontI want to be a confident, capable Child of God!  Many women know this cry, and yet they feel they never can be.

Their past holds them prisoner. Someone hurt them deeply and never cared to help them heal. They were neglected, abandoned, broken and feel no one will love them- so they fall for the first man who says he does and find their heart hurt again. Or a choice they made torments them- they think God cannot forgive them, and they cannot "forgive themselves".

Women with stories just like these have come to Cindi McMenamin over the years, and she has had the honor of leading them into the Scriptures, and leading them to the Cross of Christ, where healing is for all of life's hurts. This book was born out of those stories. 
     We hear about women growing up to fend for themselves, their parents drug addicts and dealers. We hear about girls who were abused as children and think they have no value. We hear about women who killed their child in an abortion, and live every day with the searing pain of knowing they have taken their baby's life. Hurt. Hurt. The abuse victim was hurt because of someone's wicked perversions. The mother who aborted her baby wonders if she can ever be forgiven, and if the hurt and sin can be redeemed. 
The common thread between all these hurt women and why they stay hurt is that they have believed a lie, and lost the truth. Often it is because no one ever told them the truth, and their hearts were vulnerable to the enemies lies, or some times they girls were told lies in cold blood. One woman in this book was told by her father she should kill herself, no one would ever want her. All these lies about themselves were not bad enough - most of these women grew up with depraved views of God that must be corrected before they can heal.  The answer is to root out these lies, about  God's identity and their identity and stock their hearts with Truth from God's Word. This book is not a psychology book,  based on the ways of the world. It is a book to begin giving hurting women Truth through the Therapy of Theology. The Therapy of Theology is understanding who God is and who we are in Him as revealed in His Word.
   If you are ready to heal, to be rid of the lies about God and your self, and to bless others with the comfort you can receive, to HEAL, then this book would be helpful. There was one story I thought could have been left out-, so read discerningly.  I give When a Woman Overcomes Life's Hurts Four stars.

Cindi McMenamin is a wife, mother and lover of the Scriptures, and her passion is to help lead other women into the healing God has for them. When a Woman Overcomes Life's Hurts is her latest book.  Her blog- Strength for the Soul – Blog.  She has written many more books including When Women Walk Alone.

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