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 I have a method of book reviews, and I hope soon to compile a Theology of book reviewing with Scripture verses on Discernment, Encouragement, Knowledge and Wisdom in Light of the Cross. I love finding wholesome meat in a book, yet I know that in books written by men we will find bones to avoid.  Only God's Perfect, Precious Word is all meat and never a bone. The joy is to discern the bones and eat the meat.  
Now that I let you all know this, I want to announce the newest book I have read, given to me by Worthy Publishing. Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg.

Our lives often lack wonder, because we do not open our eyes.This is what Margaret Feinberg is writing about. Her book is full of things that made me underline them, things that make sense. Her writing is bright, the word pictures are fresh in my mind from when I first saw them. Her book reminds us that we are in an Earth full of wonder all around us. She writes about the beauty of Creation, of relationships, of rest.
  These are some of the word pictures that she wrote:
 The evening alpenglow of a Colorado sunset when it looks like God has scattered thousands of rose petals across the snow for our pleasure.

The woods of Scotland, looking like a forest in Middle Earth- dark, green, misty, and elvish, on a walking tour.

The aurora borealis on an Alaskan night as you stand before a window when you should be asleep to watch the sky. 

A horseback ride through a pine wood where the trees are holding as much snow as they can bear, and every time you touch a limb you are powdered with crystals. 

These are the Wonders of life, the wonders that most of us miss.  That is the meat.

The bones to avoid include the fact that Margaret has defended the egalitarian position in the past. In 2008 she defended the nomination of Sarah Palin  for Vice President in a debate on CNN against Dr. Baucham. I am a complementarian, and I hope I could defend why I believe in Biblical roles as timeless.  The Biblical gender roles are eternal in their commands and have many applications that look different for each family within their God ordained sphere.  In the interview, which can be accessed on youtube by searching Voddie Baucham on CNN, the host, a woman, asks if Dr. Baucham, is "sounding a little sexist" because he said that Isaiah was right when he told us that women rulers, Deborah included, are a sign of Judgement upon a rebelling people, not a sign of egalitarian progress. Margaret responded that his stance on Scripture was "questionable", and later called it narrow. 

The second bone is three commentaries on Genesis, mentioned in this book, all written by evolutionists, one of whom also believes in homosexual "marriage."  I am a No Death Before Sin Six Day Creationist, a position that even skeptical Theologians agree makes the most hermeneutical sense.  

Note:  One of the commentaries was written by Bruce Waltke, who has accepted evolution and who is hailed by Biologos ( an organization well known for the rejection of Scripture in the name of "science")  as "courageous"- for accepting evolution and denying the plain reading of Genesis. 
Walter Brueggemann, who believes in so called homosexual marriage,  and also evolution, and is hailed as a leader in "progressive" Christianity. 
The third commentary was written by Nahum Sarna, also an evolutionist.  
I agree with Mr. Ham in a statement he wrote about this issue. "For Christians who believe in evolution, although it is not a salvation issue, it is an authority issue as they are undermining the authority of the Word of God." 

Evolution is a bone the Church will choke on. Don't believe me? Go to the National Education Association, and the National Science Teachers Association and look up how to deal with Creationists. Evolution is poured down the throats of children to help them adjust their "schema", as one teacher said in a forum. She said she enjoys seeing their minds"open up", and adjust to this new, Godless, Darwinian "schema". In other words, they delight in removing any parent instilled morality and Christianity and replacing these with naturalism. They delight in scrambling your presuppositions, and replacing them with theirs. They hold an intense bias toward Creationists, parents and Children, saying they are "flat earthers" raising their children to be useless in modern society, who will never progress. 

If you are unconvinced of this I suggest you visit,,,, as well as read the comments made by some evolutionists who profess Christ and then excoriate their Brethren such as Ken Ham, saying his belief in Adam is equivalent to believing in Bilbo Baggins, and allowing their followers to call Ken's teaching dogma. Calling the word of God dogma! Calling Truth dogma! Spitting it out like a dirty word at the Word of God!  May God bring us to repentance!  And they do not even know that dogma is n. [Gr., to think; L.] A settled opinion; a principle, maxim or tenet; a doctrinal notion, particularly in matters of faith and philosophy; as in the dogmas of the church; the dogmas of Plato. 

Dogma, then is a settled opinion. It is a belief that is not swayed by "majority opinion" and therefore it is to be ridiculed. It is to be mocked. They are to call anyone who is not led astray by science, falsely so called, a cult leader. Truly the Church will choke on evolution. 

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