Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Lasting Legacy

 I was so excited to receive this book in the mail. I am a member of the Fat Book Club- and this book is fat! This book is 492 pages - every page filled with quotes, stories, Scripture, and studies that apply to Leaving a Lasting Legacy.
For a Christ follower who desires to advance Christ's Kingdom, engage the world for righteousness, take Dominion, train up their olive plants, wash their wife in the water of the word, submit to their husband and make Disciples of nations we know we are commanded to leave a legacy.
This book would be a great starting point for your study of "How do I leave a legacy?"
The way you ultimately leave a legacy is by transferring your convictions to the next generation, so that you have passed the baton of truth and your beliefs look back at you out of another set of eyes.  We don't want our children simply to be content accepting Scriptural Truth from us and then "making it in the world"- we want our children being more convicted than we are, more zealous about applying Scripture to every area of Life, more willing and eager to die to self and be crucified daily, more dead to the world, more alive to Christ. That is a legacy!
 This book has a Scriptural principle for almost everything- from budgeting and preparing for America's sinful government spending to take its toll, to pointing us to the Right and Duty that we have to educate our own children. The author, Mr. Hagedorn is a homeschooling father who founded a Christian school with his wife and  friends, and some of his best chapters are on education. I loved his chapters on education.
This book is almost work-book in style, with quizzes, charts, and tests to fill out, if you want. As one wise man said "Write it down, Live it out, Pass it on!"

Leaving a legacy is too important to let go by default- we MUST be intentional! From giving a prayer and blessing ceremony for our sons and daughters to transition into manhood and womanhood, to thinking now about how our great-great-great-great grandchildren will remember us we must strive to run so we win, by God's grace. Choices we make today will rest as a refreshing blessing on the heads of our generations or be a record of blighted opportunities. Thanks be to God who can restore the years the locust has eaten- for all of us will need Grace. Once we have been given this Grace, we can begin building our legacy, picking the baton up off the ground if we must. It is never to late to build our legacy- not with Christ the Restorer, the Lifter of our Heads, the one who gives us Vision.
We can't always leave our children a smooth road, but we can leave them the faith and grit to keep climbing over the jagged stones.

 Two thoughts- on wives working outside the home- pray hard that God can help you here- as you are honestly so valuable that you cannot be spared from your children's care, and I pray that God shows you a way to be with them full time. the author's wife is a perfect example of this- she was able to stay home with their children and homeschool them, and her gifts were available when they started the Christian Academy. If she had been in outside employment she would not have had this opportunity. The money is the primary reason why people fear they cannot accomplish this, but Ladies Against Feminism has some excellent thoughts on this topic, and many links to resources for ways to cut your budget very close. Some of the ladies I know have ten children and have been blessed by these ideas for saving money.
 The other thought is on the cost of children- the figure of $200,000 to $400,000 per child is insane and thankfully not true. I know five families of nine children who are very healthy, happy, wholesome and blessed on a far smaller budget. There are many Christian blogs that explain this- and so do not worry- you need not limit your children or their care because of money. Steve and Annette Economides at have given a much lower figure for the cost of raising a child. Much lower. On the Cost of Raising Children.

My favorite quotes that Mr. Hagedorn included from men that he respects:
"The one concern of the devil is to keep the Saints from prayer. The enemy fears nothing from prayerless studies, prayerless work and prayerless religion. He laughs at our toil, mocks at our wisdom but he trembles when we pray." Jonathan Edwards
As John Piper says "Where a man belongs is up early and alone with God seeking vision and direction for his family."
"Boys become men by watching men, by standing close to men." Preston Gilliamm  
" Modern American dating is nothing but glorified divorce practice." Dr. Voddie Baucham
"Mark it down. Compromise chills the Soul." Max Lucado.

Mr. Hagedorn wrote this book from his heart- compiling all sorts of useful information.
He wants us to add to his ideas, and I thought of several ideas I would add to his- such as in purity contracts.  I love the idea of purity contracts, where a daughter agrees to trust her father to evaluate her suitors and remain pure until they find the man God has been preparing for her. Such a Union is INCREDIBLY blessed and provides such a foundation for their marriage and legacy for their children. Mr. Hagedorn gives an example of a purity agreement which I would add to- I would include hand holding on the list of not until they agree to court you behavior, because hand holding in my mind is a form of covenant, and fosters emotional attachment. That was my one of my ideas about the book, how to add to it, which is exactly what he wants you to do! He wants his book to impact you- and it did.
 I appreciated how Mr. Hagedorn spoke truthfully of revival in the midst of judgement. I am not sure where my eschatology should be- that is something I must study.
 I am grateful that I was given a signed copy by the author from the review program.
 A website worth visiting is Future Foundation Builders, Mr. Hagedorn's website which exists to TEACH to IMPACT, to APPLY and to INSPIRE.  Renewing. Restoring, and igniting present and future  generations with significance and purpose, build thriving families and live in financial freedom so that God's Kingdom would reap multi-generational growth...

Dr. Paul Jehle says we Christians should be in the Fat Book Club- studying hard to Glorify God.
Albert Mohler defines leadership as transferring your convictions to others.
Edith Schaeffer reminds us that God made the family in part to pass the baton of His Truth on.
I recommend R. C. Sproul Jr's Economics for Everybody Course and Biblical Economics Course (wonderful, simple lectures) to study along with the financial section in this book.

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