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Deliver me From Evil- not for children.

Deliver Me From Evil, Freedom Series #1  -     
        By: Kathi Macias
Authors website. Kathi Macias

Deliver me from evil. Book One in the Freedom Series.

 This book tells the story of Mara, a lovely Mexican girl forced into child prostitution by the uncle her father sold her to. Mara lives with a broken spirit, living day to day being brutalized for pleasure by men and women in the dirty motel rooms where evil people come to enact depraved fantasies on children. Mara tries to look out for the other girls, including Jasmine- an American girl kidnapped on her way to school. Sometimes, in the evil Mara was living in, the way she protected these victimized girls was to keep them from disobeying the man who owned them. What can one broken young girl to to stem the tide of evil pressing down on her, body and soul? 
 In the same town lives a Christian family, where the eighteen year old brother and the sixteen year old sister live in a clean and pleasant house and have clean and pleasant lives. Jonathan is going off to Bible college and delivers pizzas part time. Leah is his best friend and his sister, with a heart for the hurting. When Jonathan comes home one day and tells Leah that a young girl came running, screaming for help out of a motel room where he was delivering pizza, followed by a man who claimed she was his mentally unstable daughter, Leah does not know what to say. Surely that could never happen here! 

I am very grateful to the author for bringing up the terrible sin of human trafficking, and for allowing me to read her book free for review. I was heartbroken by the story of Mara's, Jasmine's and Jolene's lives. It helped to show the lives of girls trapped in sexual slavery in a very real way.
I was glad to see her write in the story of two girls kidnapped from two of the most ordinary places, the beach and walking to school. This truly happens, and it crushes the myth that it could "never happen to my daughter."
I am grateful to have read this book as it exposed that the slave trade lives on even as people deny it is actually happening in America. It inspires me to pray for the precious Human's forced into this.
Warning: It does include ENORMOUS amounts of truthful descriptions of the brutal, violent abuse they endure, it is very hard to process making me decide I would have one recommended readership: Parents.
It is not a book to curl up with and enjoy the story, so young readers who don't know how to handle the content shouldn't read it yet.
I'm glad the author wrote this series, She is doing a good work by helping expose it, we need many more books telling people about this, she writes with compassion and a beautiful redemptive theme.
Notes- included in this series is the heart breaking fact that girls who have been brutalized and survive are brainwashed to believe they are worthless trash.
Having known only brutal sex forced upon them, and having been forced and sold, some of the real trafficked girls become prostitutes and return to the streets selling themselves. In our day the UN wishes to "decriminalize" prostitution- including homosexual prostitution- and redefine it as sex workers. Why? So we can treat them for the AIDS they will contract.
For a girl who is now over 18 and legally a "prostitute" instead of a sex trafficked "victim", imagine how having this deemed "work" will harm her- she will not be offered help any more- she will be opened up to more abuse. And the UN will not mourn a prostitue's murder and abuse. We must use these books to push us into further research and we must use our God given voices and be a voice for the voiceless.
Here are some quotes on the matter, and more can be accessed by a simple google search- UN and prostitution.
“The terms ‘prostitution’ and ‘prostitute’ have negative connotations and are considered by advocates of sex workers to be stigmatizing,” said the 210-page report, authored byAustralian human rights lawyer John Godwin.
Removing legal penalties for sex work assists HIV prevention and treatment programmes to reach sex workers and their clients,” the UN said in its report titled “Sex Work and the Law in Asia and the Pacific.”
The commission recommends repealing all laws that prohibit “adult consensual sex work,” as well as clearly distinguishing in law and practice between sexual trafficking and prostitution.
This must matter to the Church because part of their plan involves silencing Christian objections- in the name of diversity.
“Work with the guardians of customary and religious law to promote traditions and religious practice that promote rights and acceptance of diversity and that protect privacy.”

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  1. Thank you so much for the insightful review of Deliver Me From Evil. Together we can make a difference!