Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Finding God in the Land of Narnia.

This book is a lovely little book. The Lion on the cover and the textured paper front pages are the beautiful outside of this little book about Narnia. The inside of this book contains Jim Ware and Kurt Bruner's meditations on Scripture and the life lessons from Scripture mirrored in Narnia. Every time I open the pages of Narnia I begin to breathe the Narnian air afresh.
Finding God in the land of Narnia was a breath of Narnian air. I was so glad I could receive my copy in the Tyndale Rewards Program.

This book weaves Scripture, C. S Lewis and Narnia's stories to speak to us today. C. S. Lewis lived on this earth with a desire more desirable than any pleasure- a longing for something earth could not satisfy. When he studied Christianity he understood. Nothing in this earth can satisfy us and each desire that nothing can fill here is a desire placed in us to be filled in Heaven. His Narnian stories are full of this desire, and the glimpses of beauty that eased the gnaw.

"Have you ever felt that bittersweet pang, that stab of Joy, that soul piercing arrow of heartbreaking loveliness and longing that, for Lewis and Shasta, was 'shot from the North'? It comes to each of us in a different way. We encounter it in the light of a red gold sunset, the melancholy of a misty seascape, the cold gleam of stars among bare branches on a winter's night; in 'the smell of a bonfire, the sound of wild ducks flying overhead...the morning cobwebs in late summer, or noise of falling waves.' Wherever we meet it, it confronts us with inescapable evidence that we, like Jack and Shasta and the Old Testament Patriarchs, are 'strangers and pilgrims on the Earth' Hebrews 11:13, exiles in a foreign land, hoping to discover a way back home."

Spending time thinking of Noble, Beautiful, Sacrificial deeds helps our battle here on earth as well as makes us ache for heaven.
Character we admire in people in Narnia- Puddleglum's willingness to burn the flesh of his foot in the fire to stomp out the witches green magic flame- becomes character we want to own. We want to burn our feet rather than inhale that sweet and sick perfume that is wrapping around us, mixing with the magic thrumming and the words of deception.

We feel our hearts beat with King Tirian and Jewel and Jill and Eustace in the Last Battle, the smoke and the sweat and the blood and the ducking under swords, and then the Stable Door.
And suddenly-it thrills me now as I write it- the freshly bathed feeling, the cool comfortable clothes, the Kingly kiss from the High King of Narnia, and you are being given fruit from a tree of Life to eat. You have left the Shadowlands behind, the dream is over, the Day is beginning, the term is over, the Holidays are beginning, and all your life before was the cover and the title page, now the Story that will never end has begun, every Chapter better than the one before.

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