Friday, January 25, 2013

Little Black Books

                                These Little Black Books written by Scott              
CoverLittle Black Books: Predestination                                Petty contain a lot of information in a sturdy little jacket. Scott wants us to have our questions answered about The Bible, What Life is all about, Who the Holy Spirit is, and he wants to give us a study of Predestination, a look at Science and Scripture, a theology of Suffering, and a theology of Sexuality, as well as a look at God and why He allows evil to exist for a time. 
Scott writes in a hard hitting way that makes a ton of sense. 

Little Black Books: Sex These books are incredibly packed with truth and insights. I could give one example from each book- but that would be only the tip of the theological iceberg. They could be called small books with big writing. 
 The bold analogies he uses woke me up. Some of the analogies wake us up because they use shocking examples to convey shocking Biblical Truth.

Little Black Books: the bible (cover)
    For one example- Scott talks about how Humans are made in God's Image, but sin has ruined it. We are now like hair, Scott explains. All hair is dead, yet some hair looks better than others. No matter how clean you make your hair- it is dead and falling out. Shampoo websites insist that we can have hair self help and fix all our hair issues with enough shampoo- but it is dead. How can hair be healthy? Scott asks. "Dead=Not Healthy." We are like that dead hair, dead in sins.  And yet- with Christ we can be made alive.   

    Once upon a time we were all young with questions, and now we are older with more questions. 
Questions are not wrong- they are right! Questions mean you want answers. These books will go a long way in putting you on the road to the answers. The answers are in the Person of Christ and the Words of Scripture. These books guide you to both.
I think these books are ideal for witnessing as well as study. 
I was blessed to receive my copies in the Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway at Bible Geek Gone Wild , and reviewed them for Cross Focused Book Reviews. 

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