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Nothing is Impossible with God.

Nothing Is Impossible with God: Reflections on Weakness, Faith, and PowerNothing Is Impossible with God Reflections on Weakness, Faith, and Power will take you on a healing journey
through emotions and struggles many Christians seem afraid to touch upon.
This book's encouragement truly helped me to be honest and real with God, who knows everything in my heart already. I don't have to worry about Him forsaking me if I am honest with Him, He has promised that He never will. You and I can take what is in our heart to Him no matter how harsh it is, our fallen hearts don't produce pretty things, but God already knows that.
It also encouraged me to get rid of the idea that I have to make my prayers sound really good or devout before He is willing to answer them, or that I have to get Him at the "right time" so He will answer them.
Rose Marie Miller's story is an amazing testimony to God's unconditional love. She grew up in a cold disconnected family, where her mother attempted to kill herself but was prevented by Rose Marie. After this Rose Marie's life only grew worse; her parents refused to talk about her mother's mental illness and grew angry when she tried to bring it up. Although her family attended a church and she knew Jesus died for sinners this was never personal to her. Even as a wife to a pastor she did not understand. Rose Marie writes, "Nothing is impossible with God. I had always heard this but for a long time it didn't seem to be true for me. For much of my life I kept God at a distance. building walls of self protection and self reliance. I said I was a Christian but my life said, 'I can manage without God.'"
Finally one day the walls built around her heart were not sufficient and she finally confessed to herself that she doubted God even existed or if He did then He was a dark cloud over her life, a cloud of fear, guilt, condemnation and loneliness. On the outside her life as a mother and a pastor's wife seemed to be all together but on the inside she lived under moralism and legalism, desperately searching for approval and retreating from conflict.
One day Rose Marie attended a conference her husband spoke at and she tried to sit away from the other people, thinking she wouldn't learn anything from it anyway. Suddenly a Bible verse that she did not even recognize came through her mind. It was Song of Solomon 4:12 "A garden locked is my sister, my bride, a rock garden locked. A spring sealed up." Right there she realized that was the way she felt, like a garden walled and locked, unable to express her emotions ever since she was a child. She had reasoned that if she couldn't feel she wouldn't hurt. The Verse gave her hope because, "I sat on that bench, a self-righteous failure- so many painful emotions locked up inside me. I knew that God was unlocking the gate, so to speak, to show me a whole new picture of myself. Where I saw rotten fruit and weeds, he saw fruit and spices. Where I saw mud and sludge; he saw a fountain, a well of fresh water, and flowing streams."
Though she didn't accept God yet the truth that He loved her and had a heart for her had started her spiritual journey.
After reading an introduction to Martin Luther's commentary on Galatians the truth of Jesus broken for sinners was made real, "I suddenly saw Jesus broken for me. My moralsim, pride, and self-righteousness were exposed and covered at the same time. Finally I understood what Luther was saying: that Jesus's righteousness covered all my unrighteousness."
"Now I understood that I could turn to Christ and ask for forgiveness, and his righteousness would cover all of that. All my excuses were gone, and I accepted Christ's perfect record as what I needed. All my self-righteousness made me a spiritual paralytic, but Christ's righteousness brought peace, healing and restoration. God reached into my life and dealt with my fundamental sin."
Suddenly she began to understand that her past thinking and life had been centered around moral failure and success, blaming others to cover her own judgement of her self, trying to bury herself in work and duty. Now she began to see sin forgiven because of His beautiful grace.
There is much more to this book, and to her life story. Rose Marie Miller had five children, twenty-four grandchildren and twenty great grandchildren when this book was written. Her ministry has touched her family and many others whom she ministered to, and now it touches her readers. Her own life story impacted me most, and it makes her reflections on Scripture all the more powerful, when you know how God brought her to Himself. Nothing is impossible with God is a must read. An encouraging and Grace filled book and an amazing story of her transformation and continuing walk with her Savior.
God can use Nothing is Impossible with God in amazing ways in your life.
I was blessed to receive this book from New Growth Press for a review.

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