Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Parenting on Your Knees. Vicki Tiede's newest book.

Coming January 2013!  Using the delightful writing style God has gifted her with, Vicki comes along side the parents of Littles in her newest book Parenting on Your Knees Prayers and Practical Guidance for the preschool years.
     What marks Vicki's books is her heart to heart writing- like having a sister over to talk. In her earlier book the heart to heart was over tea or coffee- but this book is for parents of toddlers, and so this heart to heart is over diapers and sippy cups. Here is a glimpse into Vicki's heart. "I remember the exact moment I was presented with my first bundle of love. Alone at last with this little one I explored the shape of her nose, the length of her fingers, and the velvety softness of her skin. Then I snuggled her up to my heart, and did what seemed natural at the time, I thanked God and prayed for the sweet blessing in my arms. When I held my newborn in my arms and prayed, it seemed like the right thing to do. It was quiet and the two of us were bonding. I can't say praying for my children has always come that naturally. For one thing, ever since I brought home that first baby, I've not really experienced quiet like that again." 
    This book is full of both sober and funny pearls of wisdom.  
"When Children learn to respect their Mommy and Daddy they ultimately learn to respect God as their Heavenly Father as well."
"If our little ones want to help around the house give that peanut a broom, dust cloth and laundry basket! Hallelujah!"

    This book reminds us that praying for our babies is one way of pointing them to Jesus. Bringing our children to Jesus is the ultimate reason we parent them, nurture them, disciple them, discipline them. This book also encourages parents to listen to and talk with Jesus- anyway they can. 
"Read some portion of God's Word every day- even if it is only one verse."

"Keep this book or another devotional or prayer book some place you spend time every day- like the bathroom."

"Just as you long to have your children climb up in your lap and lay their head against your heart, Jesus wants you to come to Him for moments of tenderness. He isn't concerned if you climb off His lap after a short time because you are needed by your little ones. Your prayers, no matter how small, delight Jesus."

Vicki's book gets us thinking of our toddler's life in Scripture's words, and helps us pray Scripture over him now. Verses such as "If any one of you lacks wisdom,
 let him ask God who gives generously
 to all without reproach 
and it shall be given to him."
James 1:5 becomes a prayer that our little one will grow in wisdom, Whatever you do work heartily for the LORD
 and not for men, knowing that from the LORD 
you will receive the inheritance 
as your reward.
Colossians  3:23-24 
becomes a verse to pray as you teach your children to pick up toys. And all of this comes under Ephesians- Train up your children in the nurture and admonition of the LORD.  I had never thought of this before, but the prayers you pray for a baby are just as important as the prayers you pray for a son going off to work or a daughter soon to be married. Laying the foundation of prayer for your littles now as you pray for their speech skills and their sleeping through the night will result in prayer for them all of their life as you pray for their salvation and their strength and their witness for Christ. Something Vicki said I really loved, about praying for your baby's salvation. "I don't believe anyone comes to know Jesus unless someone is praying for them." This is really beautiful. What a holy gift and responsibility we have been given! No wonder we need to pray that we will be strengthened and given wisdom! We need never fear though, we are not parenting our babies alone. We have a Father who cares for us as His little ones. Our Father delights to lavish His Love on us so we can Love our children. 

Vicki Tiede 1   The beautiful cover on this book of Mother and Father playing with their children only adds to the inspiration inside. When I found out that the photographer was Vicki's daughter I was even more impressed. This mother and daughter talent paired perfectly. The cover really captures the tone of this book. Thank you to Vicki Tiede and Cross Focused Reviews for sending me this book to review. 

 Vicki Tiede is a follower of Christ, a beloved wife and mother,a writer of books to minster to the hearts of Christian women, including one reviewed here  Vicki Tiede- "When your Husband is addicted to pornography- healing your wounded heart."  


  1. This writer has blessed me many times over! A great heart for ministry to "everyday" womanhood.

    1. Me too! Thank you so much for commenting!! Blessings in Christ!

  2. Faith,

    I'm so glad Vicki's book was a blessing to you. I very much enjoyed interviewing Vicki last week about Parenting on Your Knees for my Author Talks podcast. You can listen to our interview here: LINK.

    Shaun Tabatt
    Cross Focused Reviews