Sunday, January 13, 2013

Special Delivery.

 Kathi Macias
Special Delivery :: New Hope Digital
I am grateful to Kathi Macias and New Hope for giving me a copy of this book to review. Special Delivery continues the story of Mara, 17 year old sex trafficked victim from Mexico after her uncle is imprisoned and she is set free. Of course, for a girl who has been brutalized for years, her true freedom will be hard won and will not come without Christ. Her bitter uncle still has friends outside prison that he hopes can enact  revenge upon Mara.
   Mara, having lived through this nightmare herself knows the signs of  sex slavery and her suspicions about a young woman brought into the restaurant one day are confirmed, but she is afraid of getting involved when she has only been freed recently.
Francesca, the young woman, is now trapped in a brothel and is facing the imminent forced abortion of the child that she knows even now is a baby, she is rescued only just in time to save her and her baby and is reunited with her parents where she will be able to consider adoption. 
Even Francesca knows that the doctor at the clinic who has been paid off by the brothel owner to patch up the brutally abused young women and perform abortions probably has a daughter the victims  age but he still will not have compassion on her or on her unborn baby. 

How heartbreakingly sad yet true!!! Planned Parenthood, funded by this Government through our tax dollars under the aegis of being Women's Health Services, will do the same thing. A simple google search for youtube videos will bring up uncut footage of a man and a girl posing as a prostitute and her owner who enter Planned Parenthood clinics and ask if they can bring FOURTEEN year old girls in for disease testing and possible abortions. 

The female at the clinic tells them that they can arrange this, get them discounts, call them students, tells them they can translate Spanish or Thai with phone interpretation and says she knows the girls are illegals, but "we are cool"- and it will all be confidential.  Yes, our Government has pledged its support of this monster, the abortion machine, and they are willing to service illegal fourteen year old child prostitutes, even telling the owner how the girls can work after an abortion- but look it up for yourselves and weep over it. then commit to stopping child prostitution in every form. 

Transcript of Planned Parenthood accepting Child Prostitute. Live Action dot org has this document, and it can be found on their website.
New Video Has New York Planned Parenthood Helping Sex Traffickers Abortion Truths dot net

Bronx, NY Planned Parenthood Full Footage - YouTube Live Action Films made this Youtube video, deleting the vulgarities of the clinic worker.

A study of Child prostitution is incomplete with out understanding how Planned Parenthood relates.

Planned Parenthood Manager Offers to Help Sex Ring, Gets Fired - YouTube Live Action Films made this youtube video also, deleting the vulgarities of the clinic worker.


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