Monday, January 14, 2013

The Deliverer.

The Deliverer.
Authors website. Kathi Macias

The Deliverer, Freedom Series #3   -     
        By: Kathi Macias
The Deliverer completes the story of Mara, a child forced into prostitution who was set free with the help of Jonathan, a Bible college student. Mara is eighteen now and is  trying to deal with her attraction to Jonathan even though she has never met a man she can trust. Jonathan too is drawn to Mara but knows that unless she becomes a Christian God's blessing will not be on their relationship.  His friendship with another young woman Sarah begins to complicate things when Sarah thinks that he is serious about her.
 Lawan is finally reunited with her little sister and her new parents, but struggles to understand her new life in a strange country and a completely different setting,  I was very grateful that her adoptive parents accepted this and didn't push her or ridicule her but instead allowed her to show her emotions and loved her unconditionally. 
   Just as with the others in the series The Deliverer had a very  powerful message and a relevant message, this time being Godly mentors and families for those without caring families. We see this lived out in Barbara helping Mara and Lawan's adoption. 
I really admire the fact that the author must have done in-dept study for these books and wrote about the facts and information she found, I hope they impact or awaken someone to the tragedy of sex trafficking.
I received this book free from New Hope in exchange for an honest review.

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