Friday, January 4, 2013

The Lightlings by R.C. Sproul

The Lightlings.
It's amazing that a simple picture book like this can awake your heart to profound truth. Somehow the fact that humans are created in the image of God to reflect His Glory gets lost until we read a story like this- a story about the King of Light who created Lightlings in His Image. This book comes in the form of a story told by a wise grandfather to his little grandson Charlie Cobb, who asked why we are afraid of the dark?  “That’s a very good question." Grandpa responds,"But you know, not only are lots of people afraid of the dark, many people are afraid of the light.” Thus begins the story of the Lightlings, beings created to shine with their Makers Light, who were placed in a Paradise Garden until willful rebellion cast them out into a dark wood of thorns and thistles. TheLightlings are doomed to walk in the darkness they chose until the King of Light sends His own  Son to be the Light in the Lightlings world. The illustrations are well suited to this faerie  world, the pictures of  Light are lovely: sunlit glades with winged lightlings. roses and friendly chipmunks. The pictures of darkness (sin) and the lightlings going into exile are appropriately sad and dark without being overly scary- if your children are sensitive than be careful to explain that the darkness is taken away soon.  The lightlings soon could not tell night from day, and when they saw the light shining frommiles and miles away they were frightened of it, afraid of the Light King. 
Some of the children went to it though..
    And the Children who went to see the baby came home shining with a light that was not their own and they told all the other Lightlings that the LIGHT OF THE WORLD had come. 

Grandpa looked at Charlie's awestruck face, and explained that the Light of the World has come to us too, and we who love God are children of the Light. We need never fear the darkness.
“Charlie, let me make a suggestion. Every time you see the sun, the moon, or the stars, or light a candle, or turn on your night light, remember the story of the child the King of Light brought into the darkness of this world. And remember that He gave us this baby as a present. As long as you remember that, you will never, ever have to be afraid of the darkness again.”   I am delighted to receive a free copy of this book for my library. R C Sproul has given us Truth in this book for children. Scripture verses are included for study with your children. I give this five stars. 

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