Monday, January 7, 2013

The Prince's Poison Cup.

The Prince and the Poison Cup is a story that little Ella Cobb's wise, old  Grandfather tells her one   day when she was not feeling well.  Ella is questioning how such "terrible" tasting medicine can possibly make you well. Grandpa reminds her that “Some things that look or taste or smell wonderful are really awful."
"But sometimes things that seem terrible are actually very good." Grandpa adds. "I even remember a story in which both of these strange things were true. Would you like to hear it?”

He then begins to weave the story of the King of LIFE, whose archenemy enters into the King's country and tempts the King's subjects to drink the pure looking water  of a poisoned fountain, promising that it will make them as great as the King. What the water does is gives them hearts of  stone and causes them to hate their King. They leave the beautiful park that He had created just for them and fled to the desert to build the city of Man, a city of rebels.

"The King of Life was angry that the people had disobeyed Him. He knew that because of the people’s terrible violation of His command, He would be justified in destroying their city. But the King still loved His people and felt sorry for them in their pain."  How can the heart of  stone that they chose ever be removed so they can  return to the King as his people? Only if the King's own Son, the Prince, goes to the rebel's city and drinks from their fountain with the cup His Father gave Him can the curse be removed. The Prince will die from drinking the poison, but it will make the water of fountain sweet again and the people will  have the opportunity to drink and heal their hearts.   
 When we read the of the anguish in the Garden of Gethsemane, we often, like the disciples, want to run from the suffering of God's Son. Justin Gerard illustrated this account to show the anguish of the Prince, who longed to put away the cup from Him. It was not He that desired the poison- it was not His sin that needed atoning- the people did not deserve a Savior. They desired their fate- yet the bitter cup was pressed to His lips! And he chose to drain it for the salvation of the people who hated Him!

If Anyone is Thirsty, Let Him Come to Me and Drink.
This book by R C Sproul is one I am looking forward to using with children. For adults it reminds us that along with little Ella we too know a Prince who died for His people.  I was blessed to be given a copy of the Prince's Poison Cup for this review.

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