Friday, January 18, 2013

Vocational Vision.

 Chucking College- Melanie Ellison writes about Vocational Vision. 
 "So what are we to do? It is evident that colleges breed immorality, strip away Bible-based beliefs, rarely provide a worthwhile education, and drain bank accounts as exorbitant tuition costs plunge students into debt. But how do we prepare for a life-long vocation without college? Is it even possible?  
     To find vocational direction, first, it is necessary to identify what we were each individually created to do. The question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" is too open-ended to be of much help to most people.
     However, three God-given parameters of one's existence make it mush less vague to ascertain one's life-purpose. 
    To find your niche in life, it is necessary to realize that your are first a Christian, then a Woman, and finally an individual with specific talents.
    Most career guidance only takes into account a young person's talents. But really that is the final thing to consider, not the first. If the first two factors are ignored when seeking one's life vocation, a young lady might find herself working in a field where her talent can shine, but where her faith cannot thrive, or holding an office of authority that perhaps a woman ought not to have, thus finding herself catapulted into unnecessary lifestyle stresses.
    According, in part, to Webster's 1828 dictionary, the word "vocation" means: a calling by the Will of God to a Noble occupation, accompanied  by a strong feeling of suitability to that particular work. Therefore, we must look at the whole equation (not just the talent) to determine what vocation God has called each of us to. As we look at each of these three areas, we can analyze what kind of education would best fir these three parameters well."

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