Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Woman's Heart for God.

A Woman's Heart for God: Drawing Closer to the Lover of Your Soul  -     
        By: Sheila Cragg

A Woman's Heart for God: Drawing Closer to the Lover of Your Soul

      I loved every chapter of this book!
     All the topics addressed lie so close to a woman's heart.
     Don't we all feel that our relationship with Jesus is sustained by our own efforts?
     Don't we all feel that once we are saved by Grace it is up to us to strive harder to grow in Grace?
     Have we ever lost sight of this truth: "My deeper relationship with God is up to Him, not me: He will guide me and instruct me in His ways?" 
     Don't we all want to respond to God as the Lover of our Souls? Don't we all forget He is the one who initiates this Love relationship?
     Don't we all worry that our flaws are too much for God to Love?

This book begins with a foundation of rich theological truth, an overview of God's Perfect, Divine Nature.
 Our heart sings as we read about His Glory, His Love, His Holiness, His Mercy and Long-Suffering Kindness toward us; His Ever Present Care for us.
These truths cause joy to well up in the readers heart- because we don't just know about Him, we know Him!
We agree with the great preachers, whose quotes are included in this book to stir our hearts: "His love is an incomprehensibly vast, bottomless, shoreless sea before which we kneel in joyful silence,” A. W. Tozer.
     It is so good, so overwhelming to know this about God, yet As we come to know know Him, nothing we have known about Him prepares us for what we see face to face.
Our Lover is outstanding among ten thousand. 
Reading this book causes us to celebrate our Lover, and to look into His heart of Care for us, and to look into our own heart that needs His Love, and to see He is there to pour it out upon us. 

     The chapters on knowing we are God's, and that He will never turn us away work to heal our frail hearts.  Our hearts fear being unloved, or unworthy of love, and this cripples our relationship with God. We fear being rejected. Look at what Scripture tells us!
    "God’s beloved include those who feel flawed, frail, handicapped; who are hurting and wounded; who have emotional and mental illnesses; who have personality quirks and physical imperfections. But, far more importantly, these men and women have a heart for God and great worth in His eyes—and they are spiritually beautiful."
    "The truth is, you are one of God’s beloved. As you receive His love and understand the worth you have in Him, you will radiate His beauty. You will be a woman after His own heart."

     In the chapters on loss and affliction, being crucified with Christ, every observation she made struck a chord with me. It was so heartening to hear some of Sheila Cragg's personal story, and her reflections on life.
    "Life’s uncertainties can definitely challenge my confidence in God. I know in my mind that God is faithful and reliable, but I waver emotionally. I would rather not go through the wrenching process of my faith being tried and stretched. I’d like to be a spiritual superperson, but I’m not. And I suspect I’m not alone. Yet as I persevere by faith, my trust in the Lord grows stronger."
     Looking at our afflictions honestly and trusting God to hold us in Him when we would run away leads to hope: "Even in our brokenness, a tiny seed of confidence in God will grow deeper spiritual roots. We can cling to our Lord no matter how terrible the heartaches, despite our inability to handle the painful circumstances, and regardless of our doubts about God and our wavering faith. We can ask God to hold on to us when we can’t hold on to Him any longer, and He will."

     The chapters on the devotional life are the best I have read so far in my Christian reading life.
"God is the One who helps us embrace the beauty of a life devoted to Him. As we faithfully meet with Jesus, He enables us to face trials of all kinds, He guides our steps and strengthens our faith, and He uses us to comfort others with the comfort we have received from Him." 

"I used to think I’d failed when I came away from my quiet time still feeling spiritually empty. I now realize that my feelings have little to do with what God is doing in my life. I now want to spend time with God to build our relationship just as I want to spend time with my husband, sons, and grandchildren to build our relationship—and simply because I love them and enjoy being with them." 
 I think I will start keeping a spiritual journal!
"A spiritual journal helps us see the growth in our lives. When we read back over our writings, we can see when the roses blossomed, those moments when God’s grace was magnificently on display. We may also see that, during trials, our peace wilted like rose petals in the scorching heat. Maybe our faith was pruned until nothing remained but thorny sticks locked in the hardened earth.When that desolate season finally ended, however, we again saw fresh, green shoots of faith and hope springing forth. "
 Reading this book a woman comes to understand that an intense season of giving care to a suffering loved one or raising children does not make her a failure at prayer and the disciplines. We need to draw closer to God in an intense season, but every season of Seeking God will not look the same. At one point in a woman's life she may be able to sit in a window seat with her tea and her Bible, at another she may nourish her soul with verses taped to her kitchen wall.
  "Seeking after God in every season of life will allow Him to cultivate the soil of our hearts, prune sin, cut off dead branches, and tenderly nurture our growth. He yearns to meet with us in a simple, sacred place where we can flourish in His watchful, protecting presence.

This book ministers to women's hearts. I can't wait for my sister and mother to read this book. I received my review copy of A Woman's Heart for God free from the author and Worthy Publishing.  I simply reviewed this book truthfully and I loved it. This is a book I am very glad to have for my family.

Sheila Cragg has written Bible Studies that are still carrying four and five stars on amazon, and have ministered to the hearts of women who read them. Her latest book is A Woman's Heart For God, published by Worthy Publishing.    


  1. Dear Faith, Thank you for this kind and gracious review. May God be glorified. Sheila

    1. Thank you for asking me to review your wonderful book!!!! ~ In Christ, Faith