Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Deadline, Dominion, Deception.

Ollie Chandler Collection - Randy Alcorn The Ollie Chandler Collection.

This series has everything I enjoy in a book~

Length: These books are 400 to 600 pages apiece, making this one ebook a wonderful 1,817 pages long! I love a long book. Long books are rare these days, in an era of limited attention spans. These books have length and breadth that reminds me of Tolkien's books. You feel like you have driven 600 miles after you finish one of these books.

Complexity: I love a book where the writing is worth savoring, and each scene means something later on.

Characters who form slowly, and whom you become attached to: I grew very attached to Jake Woods in Deadline, and Clarence and Obadiah in Dominion. And how can you not love Ollie Chandler? A detective who will stop at no length to solve a crime, and has a soft heart in him. And Ollie's partner, Manny, a fatherless young man and former gang member.
When they nearly die, you worry about them. When they live, you feel a rush of gladness. They are people who will live in your head long after the reading is done. Re-reading will only strengthen the bond of friendship.

Big Themes, tackled in a way that is Biblically grounded and flows from the story: Pro-life work, Apologetics, Justice, Good and evil, Where is God in suffering, discrimination, politicians, Islam, America, Heaven and hell, and the most important question of all Who is this Jesus?

A mystery with enough hints that I feel like I solved the crime, but a plot that keeps me guessing until the very end: Enough Said. Dominion, Deception, and Deadline kept me guessing until the last chapter. I would never have imagined these plots. The twists and turns were amazing.

The Ollie Chandler collection delivers all of these.
 The author uses his skill to disappear into the story, so that you see it lived out by the characters. Randy Alcorn's scenes are worth reading carefully, and his attention to detail is what makes these books so good and so long. Each character has personality and life in them. You come to know them as you read. Characters I came to know in book one are included in book two and three, something my family of readers has always loved.

I can recommend these books heartily.
I would suggest that you buy the three volumes in print... so you can reread them, and share them. I am very blessed by Waterbrook's book blogging program that sent me these three in ebook to read.

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