Sunday, February 10, 2013

Real Valor.

    I have always loved the book of Ruth.
When I heard Alistair Begg's sermons on Ruth I loved her story even more. Ruth is a lovely little book, only four chapters long, and God paints a grand scene on this small canvas: Fidelity, Redemption, Restoration, and Love.
    The story of Ruth exists like all of Scripture to point us to Christ, and in Ruth the illustration of Christ is found in the person of the Kinsman Redeemer, Boaz. Boaz is the man who rescued her and loved her, Like Christ does for us.
 Her story is His Story.
Within Ruth's story we see Boaz as an illustration of Christ and also upheld as one of the best examples of manhood in Scripture.

        Real Valor: A Charge to Nurture and Protect Your Family is a book I am glad to add to my library of books on Biblical Manhood and Marriage and Family.
        Real Valor looks at the heart and character of Boaz; what made him tick, and why this Boaz-Man has a lot to show us about Godly manhood.
We find that Boaz was truly a mighty man of Valor, and that he was used mightily in a way every man of God can be used. "Most men don't shepherd nations," Steve Farrar states, "God calls most men to be husbands and fathers and grandfathers. He calls them to shepherd their families."
Boaz's role in God's Plan was as a shepherd of his family.
He lived righteously, worked diligently, worshipped humbly, stepped up to his duty as a rescuer of Naomi and Ruth, and when he married in purity and honor he was blessed to become an ancestor of Christ through his son.
   Real Valor looks at many themes that we see in Boaz's life. We read about his awareness of God's Providence that guided every detail of his days.
We see his sterling character, that would refuse a blessing he dearly wanted because another man was first in line to receive it.
We watch his care and compassion for the orphan and widow; his love of mercy and his willingness to pour out grace upon this widowed Moabitess Ruth.
     Steve Farrar's book is rich with quotes from great Theologians, including Thomas Watson, Charles Spurgeon, and Jeremiah Burroughs, all Boaz Men themselves.
They show us Men the way God created them to be: Under the Kingship of Christ and working and striving for His Kingdom.
Like Boaz, these Puritan Calvinists were real men, strong and sturdy, and they are among the best Theologians our world has seen, because they are God's men.
You see this in Spurgeon's expositions. As you read you become overwhelmed by his manly, passionate love for Christ. His Godliness is expressed in a masculine way.
The Puritan men who penned the prayers in Valley of Vision set this truth firmly in our soul.
They are real men, worshipping The Living God with their minds brimming with Scripture.
I hope that every one who has not yet read their writing will venture into them now...
You will not return the same.
     Their quotes added so much to this good book about Boaz.
      I am looking forward to sharing Real Valor with my family.
      I am glad I was given this book from David C Cook Publishing free for review. Real Valor will be added to my library. 

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