Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Ecology Book.

The Ecology Book  -     
        By: Tom Hennigan
The Ecology Book.
 This book was excellent.

 Not only was it informative but surprising easy for me to understand and grasp what was being said.
   It kept my attention like no other science book ever has, because while it was very informative it was concise,  And it was fascinating as well.
    This book talks about things I would never even have known about (fungus in root cells, how plants "talk") and things I do see often but may not understand like Indian Pipe plants and yogurt. I never knew why plain yogurt was sour but I found out. 
   There are logical answers to many difficult questions, including one that I had heard before, "Why did God create the sun after the earth and plants? And doesn't that disprove creation and the Bible's account of it?" 
 The Ecology book answers the question. "Many people question the book of Genesis because if the sun drives ecosystems and the plants were created before the sun, that does not match with what we observe, so they assume the Bible is wrong..... remember that the Creator was an eyewitness to His  creation and has briefly reported what took place. Light was the first thing that was created, and that is all plants need to carry on photosynthesis. On Day 4, He simply created a physical body from which light came."
   A grand answer to a difficult question.
   The pictures it it were beautiful and really helped to illustrate the concepts. 
   It is a great book and a logical and Biblical defense of creation and the authority of the Bible, in short you must get this book.
   It is designed for family study and I believe it would be a wonderful read aloud.

                                                  ~ Review by Angela

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