Monday, February 4, 2013

The Rich Wine of His Grace.

     Praying the Gospel of John | Worthy Publishing   
     Starting with John 1:1 and working right through the 21 chapters of the most beloved Gospel, Dr. David Foster and Dr. Brett Burleson examine 52 experiences, each one drawn from the life of Jesus.  It was Providential that I had just begun re-reading the Gospel of John the day we received this book from Worthy Publishing. Praying the Gospel of John and my King James Bible have been my companions the last week during devotion time. I did not want to write notes in it, because I wanted to share this book with a pair of elderly new believers I know. However, I couldn't help but make notes in its margins- there were so many things that stood out to me!
I love a book that takes me deeper into the Gold-mine of Scripture!

As I read I became more convinced that this book would be helpful for a new believer, to help them walk through John.

 Listen to these quotes. About John Three, when Jesus made water wine. "Jesus' first public miracle was performed at a wedding. This is fitting, since the Bible begins with a wedding, the joining of Adam and Eve, and it ends with a wedding, Christ to His Bride the Church. Revelation 19:7. This says something, both about Jesus and about the importance and priority of marriage. What better place to show the world that God was up to something new than at a ceremony where God was establishing a new family. Jesus, the Messiah, put on display His marvelous, limitless power by taking a common, mundane element-Water-and turning it into wine, a drink that is normally aged over time, not created in an instance- unless of course, you are God." 

"God still breaks into our cynical world. Miracles do happen- and they happen to the most unlikely people in the most unexpected moments. The Scriptures promise that if we seek God and ask for what we need, nothing is impossible. Dangerous words indeed for those who live so far removed from the first century experience, but so true. If we let God be God, He just might turn our water-our weariness and our failures-into the sweet wine of His Grace." 

With each experience there is a Reflection. "When was the last time that God did an unexpected, undeserved miracle for you?"  

An undeserved gift from God that only He can arrange and give you?... Daily.

Each reflection ends with a Scripture based prayer.

I am glad I received this solid hardcover from Worthy to review.

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