Sunday, February 24, 2013

Your Beautiful Purpose. Review.

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     Your Beautiful Purpose is a book both tender and touching. 
Ephesians Two teaches us that we are God's workmanship, created in Christ for good works, and He has prepared these works in advance for us to walk in them. This is our beautiful purpose: To Glorify God and Enjoy Him forever. This is a purpose beyond our wildest dreams and greatest desires. The outworking of this purpose comes when we find where God would have us go and what He would have us do. For many of us those good works may be right here where we are at the moment... for some these may be on the other side of the world where we never imagined we would be called to go. It may be what we always thought we were made for. It may steal upon us like a slow spring twilight and we realize "God is in this. This is where He wants me." 

So often we women have a hard time believing that we are God's own artwork and that we have God's work to do and His blessing upon that work. We have a hard time believing that God will or can use in a way that Glorifies Him magnificently. We will have a hard time until we see that He delights in making beauty out of brokenness. No Saint has lived a life of beauty because of their own inner goodness and usefulness. No. They have been beautiful because God is God of creating beauty from brokenness, beauty that he defines and designs, beauty that comes from living out his purposes. 

The most touching parts of this book were Susie Larson's own story, revealed in a way that lets us see into her spirit. She has walked through the seasons in this book...seasons of seeing the top of the tapestry God is weaving when all the threads make lovely sense, and seasons of not seeing much of the design at all. Seasons of wondering how being "Here" is serving God, and seasons of knowing in her soul that her gifts are glorifying Him. Thank you Mrs. Larson for sharing your story.

God is calling us, let us answer Him. Let us whisper the prayer "O God, call us even more insistently, knocking at the door of our hearts and bidding us follow Christ as humbly dependent, boldly confident women." This can be our prayer. 

God has a purpose for every saved soul- if you are His and have breath in your lungs you have a beautiful purpose.

I received this book from Bethany House. 

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