Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back on Murder.

Roland March just wants to be back on murder, away from these ridiculous special assignments that his superiors are giving him left and right. Well, they call them special assignments, he calls it farming him out. They don't want him around any more and he can feel it. He knows he isn't doing the top notch homicide work he used to, and the reputation he had earned and then lost is haunting him. He wishes he had never agreed to let his biggest case become the subject of a true crime novel, a novel about him at his best, and now everyone is seeing Roland March at his worst.
He used to be the top homicide detective on Houston PD, now he is the "suicide cop" and works the hated "cars for criminals" detail.
And it is September. Roland has not had a good September for seven years. Not since the tragedy happened.
This September is worse than ever. His wife Charlotte is distant and dealing with the past by putting herself in a near coma with her sleeping pills, and Roland doesn't know how to help her. To add insult to injury, he has a weird tenant named Tommy living in his garage apartment. Tommy, who throws parties at all hours and leaves beer bottles around the back yard, making Charlotte miserable. But hey, Tommy's dad pays the rent every month!

When Roland responds to a house of dead bodies, he finds the up and coming HPD stars like Lorenz want to take the lead in the case. However, Neither Lorenz or any of the others notice a key piece of evidence. Roland does. This evidence is shouting that there was another body in the room, and the shooters took the body with them.
Roland March will be allowed Back On Murder, as long as he lets Lorenz lead.
Roland sets out to find the body and the shooters, uncover the motive and solve this strange case. Lorenz does not believe those are leads worth pursuing. That isn't going to stop Roland.
Before Roland can do some of his outside the lines detective work, he has to finish up one last "cars for criminals" detail.
When Roland corners two men in the hallway as they try to sneak out (apparently realizing that they aren't here to win a hybrid car) one of them turns himself in as a police informant. He has no outstanding warrants, and so Roland lets him go.

Now, back to murder, he thinks. But not quite. It turns out that Roland has a lot more "special assignments" to complete for this case to be solved.

As in every good mystery, it is an unlikely group who becomes the heroes and the people you suspect are not the suspects.

Prepare to grow attached to the characters as you storm apartment buildings with them, and dive for cover and return fire when the shooting starts. Be ready to cheer when unexpected people do heroic things, and to be left shocked and saddened by the way the case ends.

I downloaded this book free from free ebooks page. There are two sequels, Pattern of Wounds and Nothing to Hide.

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