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Bound Together.

I began Bound Together one afternoon and found myself fascinated by this thought provoking book.
Bound Together explores the Principle of the Rope, the truth that we are bound together in surprising ways. I had never though about this before.  Once I read a little of this book I saw that this truth was foundational to the world and my life. The very next morning we were talking about innocent women and children being killed in wars. The thought flooded my mind "It is the principle of the rope. When a nation goes to war, all the people are bound together."
Then, later, I was watching a family member shoveling snow. "I hope they don't get hurt," I thought, "I will be hurting with them." Why? Because we are Bound Together. If they are sad it affects me, if I sin it affects them. This is obvious. However the rope extends and binds us together even more powerfully than just these examples.

Every Human is Bound Together by the Original Rope- our sinfulness as Children of Adam.
All humanity is Bound Together as Sinners needing Redemption before a Holy God. This rope ties every single person together, causing much pain. We see the bonds of the sin rope every day. A child whose father leaves or whose father was a drunkard suffers the pain of choices he did not make. A woman whose husband commits adultery and divorces her suffers the pain, because they were One Flesh in marriage and his choices cut them apart.
A woman raising children in a city poisoned by gang wars who loses a child to a drive-by shooting suffers the torment of not being able to protect them from the choices of the other citizens. We understand the truth of being bound together in pain and sin.

Because the sins of the parents truly do pour pain on their children, Chris Brauns takes time to carefully look at what this means. He examines the passage in Ezekiel, about the fathers eating sour grapes and the children's teeth being set on edge. If we are bound to others sinful choices, are we unable to get free of them ever? Are we even responsible for our own actions? A careful examination of Scripture reveals that God can restore Your life, despite the fact that you will forever live with the effects of their choices, God can make you a new creation, able to make different choices.

The fact that the scars some people have been given may never fade leaves us asking: In all of this, where is the Hope?

If we are Bound Together in this sinful world, how will we live? If every sinful choice made cuts painfully into us, how will we survive?
The hope comes because there is another Rope. A Stronger Rope. The one that binds all Christians eternally Together in the Body of Christ. God has rescued us by the Stronger Rope, the Gospel. This Rope binds us to The King.

Bound Together explains that the Principle of the Rope is at the Heart of the Gospel.
"The reality of solidarity makes possible the good news of our union with God. Because of the principle of the rope, we can be united to Christ. All the blessings and benefits that He has merited by His righteous life, atoning death, victorious resurrection and glorious ascension to heaven are now ours through the Grace of God. Ultimately, it is our Union with Christ that makes possible the greatest miracle of all- our inclusion into the very life of God, the inner relationships of the Trinity. Counted in the Son, Adopted by the Father, and indwelt by the Spirit, we experience the fulness of Love because of our solidarity with Jesus. The principle of the Rope makes this good news true for me and you." 
Yes it does.

And this Rope Binds us Together for Joy. Bound Together explains that when Paul speaks of having Joy amid the persecutions and trials in his life, he almost always speaks of having Joy with other believers. It is in Union with Christ and In His Body that there is Godly Joy. The Old Testament resounds with this truth- Psalm 133 "How sweet it is when brothers live in unity!" Chris Brauns explains that this unity is referred to as dew from the mountains and being anointed on the head with precious oil. "The point is that if we are unified, then we will be blessed and refreshed by God- We will be ful of joy."

We are Bound Together as Families. We are Bound Together in Marriage. We are Bound Together as Nations and Cultures.

We are Bound together as Sinners. We are Bound Together as Saints.

The ropes that bind us might hurt sometimes, but it is the Principle of the Rope that binds us into the Body of Christ, into all loving relationships.

I received Bound Together by Chris Brauns from Cross Focused Reviews. 

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