Sunday, March 31, 2013

Crucifying Morality.

Crucifying Morality by R. W. Glenn certainly points out my shortcomings in Life and and in Faith, in a good way. He defines the fundamental character of the Christian Faith as being conscious of your utter dependence on God. I thought my success was entirely of my own doing, taking care of my physical body, working hard, living within my means, checking in with God by occasional prayer, reading the Bible, listening to Ravi Zacharias, Voddie Baucham, Alistair Begg etc. I owe much more to the Creator than I thought.
Only when we are reduced to nothing in our own works and righteousness do we fully trust and worship the Lord Christ.

Chapter six just cut me to the quick when R. W. Glenn addresses Charity. We do 'charity' in a clean and distant fashion. We give after our needs are met: surplus money, clothes etc. Guilty.
This book defines charity as merciful, risky love, something God gives to us. There is no one in need of more charity than me.

I need to read this book again and learn some more, painful though it be.

I received this book from Cross Focused Review.

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