Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Disciples are made, not Born.

Disciples Are Made, Not BornDisciples are Made, not Born  is a book I would love to place in the hands of all young men today.
This book strikes me as being perfect for young men. And why should this surprise me, that a book on discipleship seems like it is made for young men?
It was young men that Jesus chose to be the first disciples.
 Walter Henrichsen clearly had a heart for ministering to young men, and many of his stories in this book involve discipling and evangelizing with young men on college campuses and in military barracks.

What they all needed was an older, Godly man who would pour his life into them, teaching and training them for Christ. And then they would do the same, multiplying and making disciples of all nations, beginning with a single young man.
Studying Disciples are Made, Not Born would make young men more serious about being disciples, and more enthused about making disciples.

   The call to Christ is the call to discipleship, and discipleship is part of the carving process that forms us into the image of Christ. When we look back at what we were, and at what we are now, and forward to what we hope to be, we see that discipleship is in the middle.
   God places the hammer and carving chisel in the hands of the men and women who make disciples. God makes their work effective as they tirelessly place the chisel and strike with the hammer in just the right way, skills they learned as they were discipled themselves.
I loved reading just how personal and careful discipleship is. Walter tells of the man who led him to Christ, and discipled him. He writes about eating at this man's house, being part of his family, being able to call him and talk to him. Discipleship is a sacrifice for the one mentoring. It is the kernel of wheat dying so it can multiply. There have been stories about a single kernel of wheat. When it is planted, and dies, another stalk spouts up, and by tending the stalk carefully and letting it mature, a wheat field can be nurtured from a single kernel. Dying and multiplying, over and over, producing a harvest. Such it is with Discipleship.

I am grateful to David C Cook Publishing for sending me this book to review.

Disciples are made not born. First Chapter excerpt.

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