Sunday, March 3, 2013

Eradicate: The attempt to blot out God in America.

    This thick book is something I have long wanted. A 101 course on the agenda to remove God from America.
Eradicate is a fascinating and revealing compilation of quotes and facts and explanations of historical and modern figures and their attacks on American's Christianity.

     There are many people who have hated Christianity, and their agendas are diverse. From Communism, to Darwinism, to the Occupy Wall Street movement, to Islam, to New Age Spirituality, there is a blend of religious and political ideologies competing with Christianity. Only one is TrueTruth, as Francis Schaeffer said, and they cannot coexist, logically or practically. Only one can survive the death grapple.

      All these rival worldviews are ultimately attacks on God's Word. The war these days is often a war of words and ideas, persuasive propaganda. We absorb these ideas through the liberal dominated media, the biased educational system (essentially indoctrination in a twelve year minimum program), and perverse entertainment (What you laugh at, you won't condemn.)

    The pen is truly mightier than the sword, and ideas are more dangerous than armed revolutionaries. Communist ideas in our colleges pose a greater threat than a communist attack on our campuses. These ideas can come to live in a students mind and become their own. Then the student will act upon them willingly. When we accept an idea we make it a belief, a conviction, meshing it with our own worldview. Eventually, it becomes a presupposition, fully accepted as part of our mental fabric. Soon we use these presuppositions to filter new ideas that we are exposed to.
     As Christians, we are commanded to filter all things through Christ, taking every thought captive to Him and Him alone. We cannot do this if we have accepted rival, anti-Christ ideas. There are several questions to ask yourself as you think about an idea. Who gave this idea to me? What was their agenda? Why do I defend this idea so zealously? To answer these questions you will need to be a student of history, a discerner of character, and a seeker of Truth in the Scriptures.

    Knowledge of God's words and ways will be the lamp unto our feet and the light unto our path.  Our lack of basic Scriptural knowledge has led to much of America's slide into immorality. We have politicians professing Christ and being voted into office despite their support of homosexual unions and the murder of the pre-born in abortions. The Christian voters have been deceived, and if they mention the lack of godly fruit and evidence of sin in the candidate they are told they are judging.

   The only way we will not accept lies is if we have stocked our minds and hearts with truth. We must study our Bibles every day, praying to know more, more truth and more love, praying that the Gospel will convert men and women. The Gospel alone will truly change our nation, letting people see the Truth. And we who profess to know the Truth must look into our own hearts and see where we need to repent.

   The most powerful culture shaper that cannot ever be overlooked is our testimony as Christians. Our presence as Christians is the salt and light in this nation. How "salty and bright" are we?
    God is bringing revival to many Churches. People are seeking to be captive to Scripture alone. Families are seeking God together. Pastors are striving to shepherd well. And by God's Grace many are.
    Other pastors are combining Christianity with false religions, such as Islam, creating "Chris-lam." A look at Islamic countries will show us what we do not want to become. Flirting with false religion is no way to shepherd your flock.
    There is no time to let our guard down. Weak preaching and false theology will produce unregenerate pew sitters with flimsy morality. This will enslave us to our lusts instead of helping us crucify them, which will eventually enslave us under a corrupt government. As Os Guinness said, (paraphrased) "A free people must be a virtuous people, a virtuous people must be a faithful people, and a faithful people must be a free people."
    Several "churches" in America have been known to preach a much softened message, a message with no true grace in it, and no forgiveness, only promises of hope that life will look up and prosperity will come. We are exporting prosperity theology and its ramifications to other countries, not thinking about how it is hurting us in America.

    We need to study politics and history, and see how far we have fallen, and who helped push us. Do you know what John Dewey hoped the government school would accomplish?
Do you know who Saul Alinsky was?
Do you know who Alfred Kinsley was?
This book includes a timeline of the Last Fifty Years in America, from 1962 to 2012. This timeline is worth reading, whether you lived during this time or not. Most of the issues in our world today grew from tiny seed that we did not notice then. It is almost unbelievable how much garbage people accept today that would have drawn a protest not so long ago. The water is growing warmer around the frog and he doen't have a clue he's slowly cooking. Let this book wake you up.
Watch some of the films mentioned in this book, such as Agenda, Indoctrination, and Monumental. Read lots of books. Be educated. Be shocked by the sinfulness we have accepted in America. Be shocked by the hideous roots of movements that we live with daily.
Read Eradicate. 

    This book will be taking its place in my library. I received this book free from Bookcrash. and the author.

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