Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lean on Jesus and Feast on His Perfect Love.


What can I say about a book this good? A book whose first pages were so true that I thought "Dannah knows me!"  That is what happened with Get Lost. By page three I was underlining and saying "That is the truth. It is."
And I kept thinking this over and over... Dannah gets what is in my head and heart!

Get Lost begins with this statement:

 "This is a book about God....
 ....and guys.....
....and how we get them mixed up.
Oh, do we ever."

  Haven't we all.
 Have you ever sought the love of a guy over the Love of God? And have you still been empty when the relationship was over?

We have a Violent Craving for love...and two ways we can try to fill it. We can chase the love of men, or lean on Jesus and eat from His banquet table of Perfect Love. "The only way to overcome the Craving is to be completely consumed by the fire of God's Agape Love."

The title of this book comes from a delightful and theologically true quote: A Girl Should Be So Lost in God that a Man has to Seek Him to find Her. 

Get Lost is about that...about satisfying the craving for love by getting lost in God's wide, deep Love. As I read, I though to myself, "Isn't it odd? God invites us to feast upon His love, and instead we go to great lengths to try to get from a man what God promised to give us!"

The point is that God is the only source of True Love.  Until we have everything in proper perspective, grounded, rooted, established in God's Love, we won't be able to love anyone else. And loving others is what we are called to do.... loving them with a pure love that seeks their godliness and well being, not a selfish love that tries to own them. Once we are steeped in the love of God, we can pour it out on those around us and we can invite them to take part in the Love Feast God has spread before us.
{My favorite chapter was chapter sixteen... The story that begins this chapter broke my heart. Read. It.}

Getting Lost in God's Love and Finding True Love....two concepts that cannot ever be separated.  Like a painter filling a canvas, Dannah illustrates these two concepts in full color in Get Lost.
We see the Glory of God's Perfect Love and the Beauty of Holy Love that flows from two hearts full of God's Love.

I underlined concepts and paragraphs throughout this book- and I am just on my first read through! Get Lost will be a book I revisit multiple times, a book that I will press into the hands of my Christian sisters with a "You need this book. Enough said."

I am very grateful to Mrs. Gresh and Waterbrook Publishing for sending me this book.

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