Saturday, March 9, 2013

God's Good Design.

     God's Good Design is published by Matthais Media, a company I am quickly associating with quality, Gospel focused literature. This is no exception. 

     God's Good Design is a very apt title for a book on Biblical Womanhood, because the ultimate thing to keep in mind as we study is that it is God's own Good design to make both masculinity and femininity. 

    This book is a clear call to look deep into each passage that speaks of womanhood and what it means. It is time to blow the obscuring dust of feminism off the pages of our Bible and read these verses again, in context. Our guide is Claire Smith, who has a PhD in the New Testament and a BTh, MA in Theology. 

   Claire looks at seven passages of Scripture, six from the New Testament and Proverbs 31, as well as returning us to Genesis as Paul did time after time, reminding us that God's Good Design began in Eden. (It is wonderful to see a defense for male headship prior to the fall!) She examines each verse, sometimes each word, and the whole context is understood as we study. 

     Today, many want to treat these passages as if they are too obscure to understand... as if either the egalitarian or the complementarian view might be supported by Scripture, and as if we can choose whichever we are comfortable with and feel satisfied. However, something amazing about Scripture is that while there are mysteries we may never fully grasp this side of glory, what we need to know now is incredibly straightforward. Scripture's claims are often plain even to the unbeliever. Claire tells several stories in this book about new Christians and unbelievers, who were shown a  passage such as 1 Timothy 2, on women being "silent" in Churches. These people read the passage and then trusted what it plainly said as what it "really meant." They had no doubt that it meant what it said. There is no clever redefinition of words by a brand new Christian who is given a Bible. The reason we have scholars working so hard to redefine a term like "head" is because "head" means... head. When we say "Mr. Moss is the head of the planning board"... we mean the authority, the man in headship. We never mean that Bill Moss is the source of the planning board! It is time to return to sensible not suspicious hermeneutics. 

    And at the heart of it all is the truth that relationships between men and women give us a snapshot of God's own relationship within the Godhead, and of the love between Christ and the Church. What God says about authority and order in relationships cannot ever be dismissed as "strange cultural baggage," rather this needs to be accepted as a way to show our world God's Glory and His Gospel. 

God's Good Design by Claire Smith will join my apologetics and Biblical Womanhood shelf.  I am blessed to have received this book from Cross Focused Reviews.    

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