Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Holy, Holy, Holy,

I really can't review this book the way it deserves to be reviewed, except to tell anyone who might read this: If you want your mind and heart to be stirred to worship our God, read Holy, Holy, Holy. 
This book opens the treasure chest of Scripture and presents God's Word, filling us afresh with the wonder and terror of God's Holiness. Seeing a glimpse of God's Holiness causes us to Worship Him, shows us our sinfulness, and amazes us as we think of the Cross. 

 A look at pure holiness left Isaiah undone, and he cried "Woe unto me, for I am a man of unclean lips," and the Presence of Jesus made Peter see his own sinfulness, and he begged the Lord to depart from him. 

Holiness is something that the human mind doesn't understand.

And yet, when you become a Christian you live in the Presence of Holiness. The Holy Spirit Indwells you, The Holy Son redeems you, and we are allowed to pray to God the Father as Jesus does, calling Him our Holy Father. We are even called a Holy people, chosen by the Lord, The Holy One, Our Father!  

If you read this book, you will bow your head in worship. 

This book has ten chapters,

"I am The LORD" The Only God

"Hallowed be Your Name" The Holiness of the Father.

"The Holy One of God" The Holiness of Jesus.

"The Breath of the Almighty" The Holiness of The Spirit.

"Cosmic Treason" Sin and The Holiness of God. 

"A Holy Nation" The Churches High Calling. 

"Wounded for Our Transgressions" The Holiness of God and The Cross.

"You shall be Holy" The Necessity of Sanctification. 

"Train Up a Child" Walking Together with the Holy God. 

"A Consuming Fire" Holiness, Wrath and Justice.

Every chapter is passionate and articulate, written by gifted preachers glorifying the God who gave them the gift. 

 Holy Holy Holy is written by Alistair Begg, Thabiti Anyabwile, R. C. Sproul and R. C. Sproul Jr, Stephen Lawson, Derek W. H. Thomas, Sinclair Ferguson, D. A Carson, and W. Robert Godfrey. This book introduced me to several of these men whose writings my family had not read before. 
I am excited about reading other books by all of these men. They addressed Holiness in a way that brings you to worship our Holy God. 

 I am grateful to Ligonier Ministries and Reformation Trust for sending me this book to review. 

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