Tuesday, March 5, 2013

People Of The Book review.

People of the Book, Extreme Devotion Series #4   -     
        By: Kathi Macias
People of the book was not an enjoyable read, it wasn't supposed to be.
I didn't read it for personal pleasure. It was a shocking, frightening read about two young women's commitment to Christ that led them to die for Him.
They professed their faith even though they knew they would likely die for it. They prayed for those who persecuted them. Imagine such commitment and Christian fruit in persecution!
It was a beautiful story in a sad way, but perhaps the ending was the best ending for a Christian, if to live was Christ for them then to die was gain.
It really will cause you to think of the Christians in foreign countries and to remember those Christians in our prayers,
It certainly should not be read for enjoyment but for awareness and perhaps only for mature readers who will not be side tracked by the story and forget the truth, don't let your learning stop with this though.
As Naomi Zacharias said, "Once you have been made aware, you have a responsibility to care."
The author wrote this book well, though it is harsh, it is not graphic.
I received this book free from the publisher it exchange for an honest review.

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