Friday, March 15, 2013

Reason's For Belief.

      Reason's for Belief by Dr. Norman Geisler and Mrs. Tunnicliffe is a book I am very blessed to own.
 Dr. Geisler starts this book with the most critical of questions, "Why are you a Christian?" This is the question we most need to know how to answer. 
All apologetics will come into play as we answer this question. And this is a question we are all being asked often, in many different ways. "So, do you believe that, about the Bible? Why?" "How do you know that Jesus really died...and rose from the dead?" 
     Reason's for Belief is dedicated to helping us form a defense for Christianity in our own minds and then give this defense to others, as 1 Peter 3:15 commands. 
The words we use, "evidence" "Truth" and "give a defense"  are courtroom terms...and the claims of Christ are on trial. 
    This book moves logically through ten questions. Evidence is presented, facts are evaluated. As we investigate, God's Fingerprints are found to be all over both the Universe and Holy Scripture, and they match the fingerprints of his Son, Jesus of Nazareth. 

   In this book, we explore the difference between anti-theism, deism, pantheism, and Theism, and then the differences between the three major Theistic religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. 
    We learn about the reliability of the New Testament, and the preservation of these eyewitness accounts. 
    Then we look into the words and life of Jesus- did this Man claim plainly to be God? Yes. And...was He? Yes. The answer is Yes. 
    There are wonderful charts in this book that illustrate ideas for us. One of my favorites was If God Came, What Would We Expect? This chart compared what we would expect with what we found in Jesus Christ. 
We would expect God to come into this world differently. He did. Jesus was born of a Virgin. 
We would expect Him to have power over disease and death. Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead. 
We would expect Him to have eternal, lasting influence. Jesus has changed the world. Splitting Time itself into BC and AD, offering Salvation to men.
We look at The Cross, and we see a Man who truly died. He did not swoon or faint. He bled and wept and gasped and died. And He was wrapped in linen cloths laid in the Tomb. 
And then we read about the Resurrection. Testified to by the Scriptures, and Proclaimed by the men who saw the Living Lord, the Resurrection happened in a space time moment in History and was carefully recorded in New Testament documents. We can believe it. 
And Believing in the One who was resurrected, we can be Saved. 
There is a fine chart that compares the Life of Jesus with the Life of other religious leaders. Jesus is the Sinless Man, the Man who healed and restored with His miracles, the Man who fulfilled specific prophecy, and the Man who died and Lives again. 
He is God in Flesh, and the Only Way to Heaven and fellowship with God. 

   The end of this book helps us write out our defense of Christianity and practice presenting it, testifying before a curious world what reasons we have for belief. 

    So why I am I Christian? I am a Christian because God is, and He is not silent. He created us, and we know it. We live in an incredibly designed world that reduces men to gasps of wonder and whispers of prayer when they view a human baby and a whirl of the Milky Way. 
The DNA you are living with right now is the information this God wrote to design your life and body. You are, as C S Lewis said, a Vast and Complex Universe of Wonder.  
And you are not just a body, awesome as it is. As Mr. Lewis said, You are a Soul, You have a Body. You know God made you, you know you will answer to Him. You live with a moral code in you that He programmed. 
God is Holy, Perfect in Righteousness, Creator of a perfect world where His Good Will was done. 
We rebelled and now seek darkness instead of Light. 
We have fallen into sin, beginning with Adam and Eve.
We live now in a cursed, painful, broken world of rebels against a Holy God. 
That is not the last word, however. 
Through His Son, who came to earth and died on the Cross, bearing our sins in His body, and rising from the grave alive, we can be forgiven of our sins and born again into the family of God. Scripture is our witness of these things and is the Word of God. Jesus is a Real Man, not an idea or a system, a Living Man more real than I am. And someday the world will be restored and the Knowledge of the Glory of God will cover the earth like the waters cover the sea. 

I will be leaving a wide margin on what I just wrote, because LORD willing I will grow in wisdom and knowledge and find clearer ways of expressing these truths. I am grateful to Mrs. Tunnicliffe and Dr. Geisler for stimulating this discussion. The recommended sites in the appendix include Hugh Ross's Old Earth website, which I do not endorse. 
I am a stalwart YEC. 

I received this book from Bethany House. 

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