Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Talon. Combat Tracking Dog.

 I chose this book because it was military fiction- and I have loved books about the military since reading Flag Of Our Fathers and Flyboys, two awesome true-story books of heroism. This book is also a mystery, and I love mystery- where did Austin Courtland go after the explosion in the building? Who is this man, Dane Markoski? Can Dane and Aspen Courtland and Austin's combat tacking dog Talon find him in Africa, or will the people who captured Austin claim their lives? Or...will Austin? Has he turned against them? Is Dane the target of Austin's hatred, and why?

Aspen, Austin's twin, was a very interesting character...strong, but with a soft feminine side. She was at her best when she was allowing others to protect her. And Dane wanted to protect her, and would give his life for her. As he grew to love her, protecting Aspen became his aim.
Dane's life story that is slowly revealed is haunting, and you want for him to know that he can be a new creature in Christ. This man who is drawn to churches can be forgiven and freed from his memories.

I will be looking forward to finding out what happens to Candyman and Timbrel- they are perfect for each other- although Timbrel doesn't think so! I hope they are in book three, which I intend to read if I get the chance. I really liked the character of Candyman and his friend Watterboy: Confident, brave, quick thinking, heavily armed and dangerous, these two are the men you want watching your back. {Not to mention that Candyman is hilarious. He was making me laugh almost every time he appeared. I love that kind of humor. Will the next book maybe be about him?} Timbrel is a character I think would make a book of her own. She needs someone to make her laugh-like Candyman.

There were snipers and spies in this book, military action that made me want to read more. This could make my favorites list!

I received this book from Netgalley to review. I will be looking for book three!

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