Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Boy and The Ocean. God Is Love.

The Boy and The Ocean by Max Lucado is a lavishly illustrated story of a little boy and his mother and father who explain God's Love for Him by using the metaphor of the ocean and the mountains to show how big and everlasting God's Love is.

The little boy goes with his mother to the beach. Big, blue waves crash over the sand. White foam curls up the beach. Sand pipers run over the wet sand, and the salt breeze blows over everything. He and his mother wade in the ocean, holding hands.
The Little Boy cannot ever see the end of the ocean.
The Ocean is like God's Love, his Mom explains.
Its always There.
Its always Big.
God's Love never ends.
God's Love is Special.
And that night, the little boy dreams of luscious oceans, with colored fish and pirate wrecks and turtles swimming over his head as he sleeps amid the bright corals.

In the morning, the little boy looks out into a sunlit world and sees the mountains.
He and his father hike up to mountain trail holding hands.
They hike and they hike.
They pick bouquets of wildflowers in the meadow.
They sit in a green valley and watch the white, puffy clouds.
They walk by sparkling streams.
The Boy cannot ever see the end of the Mountains.
God's Love is Like the Mountains, His Dad explains.
Its always there.
Its always Big.
God's Love Never Ends.
God's Love is Special.
And the little boy dreams of the mountains.
He dreams of his puppy running in the meadow.
He dreams of sitting with his Dad looking out over a great valley.

He dreams of the sky and the white clouds and the streams.
He dreams of flying with his puppy on the back of an eagle over the mountain, rushing through the cool air, never seeing the end of the mountains.

The next day, the boy and his parents play on the beach and hike up the mountain trail.
When the day comes to an end, the little boy and his mom and dad lay on a blanket and look up at the sky.
The Sky is very Big.
The little boy cannot count all the stars.
He holds his mom and dad's hands and looks up at the sky full of stars.
"God's Love is like the Night Sky," he says.
"It is always there.
Its always big.
It never ends.
God's Love is Special."

And the Little Boy had begun to understand God's Love.

This is a lapful of a book, with illustrations that fill the spread pages. The paintings are luscious and bring this book to life, and gentle text from Max Lucado that reminds us all just how big God's Love is. Grab a little one, and this book, put the little on your lap and spread the book wide, and start reading The Boy and The Ocean. I will be gladly adding this book to my children's library. I received this book free from Crossway Publishing to review.

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