Thursday, March 28, 2013

What a Son Needs From His Mom.


Cheri Fuller's new book is a mom-to-mom talk about the unique joys and challenges that come when you are raising sons.
"Sons are just so different!" A new mom might say, "I don't know how to raise a boy!"
What Cheri might say to moms: Don't Panic! Son's are going to be different from daughters because God designed and defined masculinity to be different from femininity. And second- your son needs his Mom!

Moms can nurture their son's faith, teach them the precepts of God, and share the Gospel with them, as we are commanded in Deuteronomy 6.

Moms can be their son's confidante, and his source of wisdom, as King Lemuel's mother was in Proverbs 31.

Moms can raise sons who will love their future wives and children even better because of the love they were given.

Moms can raise adventurous, brave, faithful, true sons, who become strong, Godly men.

Moms can help their sons grow up to be warriors for God's Kingdom, Men After God's Own Heart.

And this book offers wisdom for the journey.

Cheri Fuller spoke to hundreds of Moms and Sons and included their thoughts in this book. The thoughts of these moms will prove a comfort and encouragement to a new mother who worries that she just won't understand her boy, and won't be able to help him grow up into a man. The sons who are quoted explain what their mothers did that helped form and shape them, and their answers too will be a comfort, because what impacted them most deeply were the things that every mom can give. Her Love. Her Godly Wisdom. Her Encouragement.

These sons were given:
God's Word and His Gospel,
Love from their Mom,
Godly discipline,
Forgiveness and grace,
A listening ear,
Praise for their efforts,
Encouragement to press on
Help when they needed it.
These sons were given work to do,
Problems to solve,
Situations to resolve,
and they learned responsibility and skills as they grew. Their moms discipled their sons, they helped them in their schooling, in their work, in their relationships with family and friends.

Cheri writes about understanding your son's unique personality, connecting and communicating with him through the years, understanding how he learns, and developing his character by giving him lots of good books. Isn't that a novel idea, pun intended? Books like Tolkien, the Ralph Moody Series, G. A. Henty and Ballantyne will build courage and character indeed. You live the adventure in the book, and then when your own comes you are ready.
{Also, from what I can tell, a few of those Vision Forum swords that bruise your knuckles when they hit you are much appreciated by sons.}

What a Son Needs from His Mom contains encouragement and counsel for all of those areas. With Cheri's own experience as a mom of two sons, the many insights from moms and sons she talked to, and with wisdom from people like Edith Schaeffer, this book provides a lot of reminders about how much sons need their moms, and a lot of help for the mom of sons.

This brings me to one of the things that stood out strongest to me: the need for a mom to put aside her fears as she raised her son. Lots of things boys need to do are scary for the moms to watch!

In Cheri's book, we read about a son who began a horse training business. He worked hard, and his customers were satisfied. Until one horse came that refused all his efforts. This son sat with his mom on the trampoline in the back yard, all but crying, convinced he had failed and needed to send all the horses back. His mom let him talk himself out. I am sure she was praying for him the whole time. She told him to ask God for help, and then she told him she thought he could train this horse, and then she tried help him figure out some ideas. With renewed confidence, and the knowledge that his mom was behind him, this son tried again and again until he trained that horse and took a check to the bank. The boy will never forget that night when his mom encouraged and prayed for him.

I can imagine how scary this must have been for this mom. She is letting her son wrangle horses- animals that can be dangerous- and he is good at it and earning money while doing it. Now he is having trouble, and is tempted to give up. Imagine the fear that she must have fought to give him courage! I know I would have been afraid of all those things.

Think of the mom who lets her son learn to fire guns, to shoot straight, whose son goes deer hunting and guts the deer once he has killed it.
He has learned how to feed his family, how to use guns right and how to do hard work well. And if he cuts the deer up once he takes it to be registered, and if he makes hamburger and wraps the meat to freeze and then cooks some of it for dinner, we have even more skills!

This stood out to me, because raising sons to be Godly men sure sounds interesting, if a little nerve wracking at times!

I received What a Son Needs From His Mom from Bethany House to review.

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