Saturday, April 6, 2013

Advice for Seekers.

                                             Advice For Seekers: Charles H. Spurgeon

Advice for Seekers is pure Spurgeon, and if you have ever encountered Spurgeon anywhere you know his writing has one heart: Jesus. Every paragraph glories in Him, every phrase sings of His mercies, every sermon exalts the Lord, every chapter crowns Him loving King.

Spurgeon's passionate love for Christ and pastoral care for people pours from these pages. His breathtaking use of language to explain such rich theology stirs the heart. What a gift this man had! This book is beautifully written and crystal clear to understand.

If I had to give one book to the man questioning how to come to the Cross, asking what sort of Savior Jesus is, wondering if He will be accepted by the Lord, I would give Advice for Seekers.

For the one who knows Christ, reading this book is like reading love-letters that remind you of the earlier days of your conversion and how sweet these truths are.

                "Your Salvation lies in Jesus only; it lies not in you, or your doings, 
                                    or your feelings, or your knowings, 
                                              or your resolvings."

I have always felt that if your heart ever grows cool toward Christ and the Scriptures, flee to Spurgeon. His love for Christ is like a great flame shining out of everything he wrote. It warms you as you read.

A final word on this edition: this book has the look and feel of an antique book. Old fashioned black type, thick, rough edged pages, and a sturdy cover. The only thing this book is missing is the old book smell. And Lord willing, after being in my family's library for a hundred years, it will have that too.

I am blessed to receive this book from New Leaf Publishing to review. Click Here to view the inside of this book and read the first pages.

                      "Jesus is not to be approached every now and then, 
                          but at all times, and not by some favored few, 
                             but by all in whose hearts His Holy Spirit 
                                has enkindled the desire to enter 
                                     into His secret presence."

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