Monday, April 22, 2013

Damascus Countdown.

In Damascus Countdown, Joel Rosenberg has created a stunning conclusion to the trilogy that began with the Twelfth Imam and The Tehran Initiative. 
Joel Rosenberg has fused together a single story out of multiple viewpoints, using the breaks in perspective to heighten the tension.
And there is much tension in this book, as there is in our world today.
The Islamic false messiah, the "Twelfth Iman" has come into power, an he is leading Muslims all over the globe as they attempt to establish the universal Caliphate. Total Muslim domination is his end, and the Imam is manipulating religion and politics to achieve his goal.
Despite his claims that the global Caliphate will be a reign of peace, justice and unity, the Imam is pursuing as many nuclear weapons as he can. Of course, he calls them "weapons of life."

As Iran's nuclear capabilities increase and increase, Israel launches an effective pre-emptive strike,  cutting Iran down to two nuclear warheads. But the warheads cannot be accounted for... and now these "missing" warheads are on the move, on their way to a launch site that American intelligence cannot pinpoint.

Israel knows these warheads must be stopped, but America resists a full commitment to help their ally. The America government is not pleased with Israel's self defense, and instead warns them to stand down or fear sanctions.

Meanwhile, In Iran, crack CIA operative David Shirazi and his fine paramilitary team are given this mission: Find and Destroy the warheads. And do this now. Millions of Israeli and soon America lives hang in the balance.
Shirazi, Fox, Crenshaw, Torres, and Mays must move with precision, and they must let nothing stop them. In other words, they must be the special ops team that they are.

As I read this book aloud, my listeners sat riveted. The action is incredible... The characters are real and you care about them as you read. The story is thought provoking on many levels...especially considering our world today.

Thank you Joel Rosenberg for this book, and thank you Tyndale House and Goodreads for hosting this Giveaway for Damascus Countdown.

Joel Rosenberg's books have been given the following endorsements, and I agree with them. 

"Whenever I see a new Joel Rosenberg book coming out, I know I need to clear time on my calendar. His penetrating knowledge of all things Mid-eastern-coupled with his intuitive knack for high stakes intrigue-demand attention. I've read them all, and been richly rewarded. I'm especially looking forward to Damascus Countdown." - Porter Goss, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

"Joel Rosenberg is the most knowledgeable and well-rounded author in America today regarding the realities of current events in the Mideast, North Africa, and the Persian Gulf. In fact, Joel is a true authority on the geopolitics and history of those regions, and speaks extensively about the serious threats that the Radical elements of Islam present to America and our close ally, Israel….Joel has an incredible ability to write both fiction and non-fiction in a way that the reader senses that they are part of the plot and often, on the front line. If you want to get a better understanding of what is unfolding in the 'epicenter' of today's world, let Joel take you on an incredible and exciting journey."- Lt.-General (ret.) Jerry Boykin, former commander of Delta Force and former U.S. Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence

"If there were a Forbes 400 list of great current novelists, Joel Rosenberg would be among the top ten. More than a decade ago we kicked off one of his masterpieces, The Last Jihad, at a book party at the Forbes Media headquarters. Today millions see what we saw then, one of the most entertaining and intriguing authors of international political thrillers in the country. No wonder Joel has sold nearly three million copies – his novels are un-put-downable including his new one, Damascus Countdown!" - Steve Forbes 

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