Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fierce Women.

                                         Fierce Women. The Power of a Soft Warrior.

"Beautifully Fierce." Isn't that a phrase you would like to describe you?
It speaks of a woman who follows Christ passionately and has no fear holding her back.
It speaks of a woman who will pursue the Kingdom of God boldly and fight for the faith as a warrioress.
It speaks of a woman consumed in God's Cause, giving herself up for Him with no reservations.
Fierce is a good characteristic.
However, the word fierce has other conotations too.
Fierce can quickly turn into arrogant and demanding, prideful and painful to live with.
Fierce can either cause you to give without thought for yourself or to overwhelm others to get your own way.
Kimberly Wagner writes about both manifestations of fierceness in this book- the one that hurts and the one that serves.
It is very easy to hurt with our fierceness, it is hard to let Grace temper us into soft warriors.

This book convicts, and never condemns. Kimberly has walked this road. She has been transformed by Christ and now longs for every fierce woman to become a soft warrior, whose fierceness is refined by Grace, Repentance, Gratitude and Love.

Though this book looks primarily at the way misplaced fierceness tears apart a marriage, this book is essential reading for every woman.

The attitudes and habits that demean a husband don't appear (or disappear) when you walk down the aisle. They have been present in our hearts from Eve on, when good things became tainted by sin. Fierceness might be used to belittle or malign a husband, instead of to further his vision and encourage him.
The joyful, fascinating thing is, fierceness is not the problem.
Woman who fiercely loyal and fiercely loving toward Christ will set the world on fire for the Gospel.
A woman who is fiercely honoring to her husband and fiercely supportive of him will make a strong home. Fierceness is not bad! It doesn't need to be removed! Fierceness can glorify God!

The Fierce Woman can become a Soft Warrior.

Thank you Moody Press for sending me this True Woman book. I have also reviewed and highly recommend their books Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh Demoss, True Woman 101 by Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh, and I have heard very good reviews about Lies Woman Believe by Mary Kassian.

You can visit Kimberly Wagner at her website. 

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