Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Grace's Pictures. By Cindy Thomson

My review in two sentences: The gorgeous cover on Grace's Pictures is perfect for the story within. Grace McCaffery is an entirely appealing heroine, and her story is told so descriptively!   

This book captures the timidity and fear of an new immigrant just come through Ellis Island, as well as the boldness and spirit needed to make a new life in America. 

Grace comes to America with burdens to carry. Her young life in Ireland has included much suffering. A harsh father whose death sold her into the workhouse has left her believing that God doesn't love people like her. 
Her father considered her worthless, but her mother tells her she is smart, and strong and able. Grace has a hard time seeing those qualities in herself. 

Grace's ambition is to work hard and earn enough money to free her mother from her second marriage, a marriage she entered so that Grace could be sent to America. 
Grace's rule for herself is to never trust policemen, for it was policemen who tore her from her mother and took her to the workhouse. 

However, Grace never planned on meeting such a kindly police officer as Owen McNulty. 
Nor did she plan to fall in love with photography and purchase a one-dollar Brownie camera. 
And she never planned to cross the gang "the Dusters." 
From there is the story of Grace's Pictures. 

This book is a delightful combination that intrigued me on may levels: I am part Irish, I am fascinated by police work, my best friend is a photographer, and I love historical novels. 

Grace's Pictures is delightfully long and wonderfully descriptive, written in the just the right tone for Grace and at just the right pace for this period in history. I made a mistake in beginning Grace's Pictures so late in the evening the day it came, because once I started I did not want to close this book. I am happy to announce that this book has a home in my library, and this is a new series that I am eagerly watching for. 

I am very blessed to have received an ARC from Cindy Thomson and Tyndale House to review early. 

Cindy Thomson 

"For as long as I can remember I've made up stories. When I was a teacher I thought about writing books for children. However, when I finally began writing a novel, I turned to my genealogy research and wrote a fictionalized story of my ancestors. That novel is still unpublished, but my interest in my roots, which go back to Ireland and Scotland, sparked an interest in Irish history."  

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  1. This looks like an interesting book. Thanks for your thoughts!

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