Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In Broken Places by Michele Phoenix


by Michele Phoenix

My review in two sentences?
While reading this book, first you cry and then you cheer.
And along the way you learn about Love.

"I'm not mom material. He made sure of that."
These are Shelby's words. 
About her father. 
And his child.
Her sister. 
Shayla is four years old. Shelby is thirty-five. 
And Shelby is about to adopt Shayla. 
Her father's will requested that she become guardian of his child. 
   Thus begins the story of Shelby who is a woman who has convinced herself she is unlovable, and the people who want to show her otherwise. 
    Shelby cannot stay in her father's territory and raise his daughter, so she travels to Germany to begin a new life. 
    She will teach at a Christian school for missionary's kids and raise this adorable child. 
    Bev and Gus, a kind and friendly couple, take her right into their home and hearts, making her and her half-sister their daughters. 
    Shelby meets the creative and complex young students she is going to teach. 
    Shelby is amazed at the depth she finds in the students as she directs the play Shadowlands, about the life of C. S. Lewis.

    And at the school, she also meets the health/gym teacher, Scott.
Gus introduces them. Like this:"Scott, meet your future wife." And Shelby prays for an immediate Rapture. 
   However, no matter how many protective walls she builds or keep-your-distance barbs she shoots at him, Scott continues to walk her home each night and ask her questions. 
 "What's your position on predestination?" 
 "I was predestined to eat cheesecake, and you were predestined to harass cheesecake eaters."
  Scott refuses to be pushed away, coming back again and again, and Shelby knows something about him resonates with her heart. She just doesn't know how to say "Yes" to his love. 
    As I read In Broken Places, I wanted to cry for Shelby, and Trey, her brother, as the story of their abused childhood is told through flash-backs.
   Then I wanted to cheer as Shelby chose Shayla, and as Scott chose Shelby.
    And along the way as you read, you learn about Love.

Thank you Michele Phoenix for writing this book, 
for showing the great power human love has to point us to God's never failing Love.
Thank you Tyndale House for sending me In Broken Places to review.

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