Thursday, April 25, 2013

It is Finished by David Wilkerson.

It Is Finished by David Wilkerson will be one of my top books of the year.
David Wilkerson was the pastor of Church and the author of several books, including The Cross and the Switchblade. 
He went home to be the Lord in 2011, and this book is one of the many blessings his preaching legacy has left us.

Included throughout this book are testimonies written by men and women whose lives were changed by understanding the truth in here: That it is Finished. That through His work you are free of sin's dominion, because the Holy Spirit lives in you and is mighty to save.

That triumphant cry from the Cross "It is Finished!" is the absolutely perfect title for this book, this book that unfolds the riches of the New Covenant for us.

 Listen to this quote: "Everything depends on Him. If there is going to be revelation, He must give it. If there is going to be deliverance from besetting sins, the Holy Spirit has to do it. If things in my life need fixing, He has to fix them. If I am to be a blessing and a joy to Him, He has to make it happen. If I am to walk in the Spirit, He has to show me how."

And this quote: "I ask you, If you throw yourself on the mercy of the Holy Spirit-trusting Him completely, believing He is able to fulfill everything God demands of you- what enemy could stand against His power to accomplish all things in you? What temptation could overwhelm His might, which abides in you? The Holy Spirit simply asks that we come to Him believing that He has all power and authority to break sin's dominion over us?"

It is Finished is a book that takes you back to your first Love, Jesus, by reminding us that it is His love that is constant and His work that saves.
This book refreshes the heart by reminding us of the foundational truths we tend to leave behind and lose sight of.
Learning them again brings joy to our spirit.
I highly reccommend this book, It is Finished by David Wilkerson.
Thank you to Chosen Books for my copy to review. One man quoted in this book said he wore out three copies of It is Finished. I can see why. 

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