Monday, April 8, 2013

Men Counseling Men.


Men Counseling Men is a book destined to get a lot of wear. In our world today we need men of God who will put their hand on the shoulder of another man and help him grow in Christ. This will involve Biblical counseling, which can be defined as one man helping another to understand the heart of God and apply God's truth to his situation. Counseling of this sort is done everyday by fathers and preachers and mentors. Every Christian man who helps his brothers grow in Christ will counsel them sooner or later about one or all of the issues addressed in this book.
As a Christian man, you need this book on your shelf.

Broken into four main sections, this book deals with Men and The Word, Men and Emotions, Men and Relationships, and Men and Specific Problems.

Men and The Word lays the foundation for the entire book as the counselor/mentor learns how to use the Word in counseling. The counselor must understand the Word before he can apply it. This section reminds us that the Word must be understood in context and interpreted correctly, and there is a chapter about discernment as a counselor of men.

Men and their Emotions is an area where one man can come alongside and greatly help another. God's Word has a lot to say about emotions such as anger, sadness and hopelessness. These emotions are dealt with here.
There is also a much needed section on depression, and the truths presented about how common depression is and how there is still hope are lifelines for the man who feels isolated in depression or anxiety. This is why Christian men must counsel one another, to give each other Gospel centered hope and encouragement.

Men and their Relationships is truly a wealth of pastoral counseling about all of a man's relationships.
This section begins with a look at the One Another passages in the New Testament, which explain how to live in fruitful relationship with one another. "Be kind, tenderhearted, forgiving one another."
This should be on the required reading list for every man, husband, father and grandfather, every Christian.
This section contains chapters on leaving and cleaving, parenting small children, and being a grandfather.

Men and Specific Problems has a very important chapter about how to help your son when he thinks he is homosexual, or is struggling with it.
There is also a chapter on rebuilding a marriage after adultery, something that can happen in some cases, by God's Grace.

I am delighted to say that Men Counseling Men is a book to buy and study, as is Christ Centered Biblical Counseling, also published by Harvest House in March of 2013 and reviewed here.
Thank you for sending me a review copy of this book. 

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