Monday, April 29, 2013

Prosperity and the Glory of God.

    After receiving the awesome Valley of Vison: A Collection of Puritan Prayers, for Christmas I was eager to read more from these giants of the faith. 
    This book is a beautiful new edition of Puritan Jeremiah Burroughs' book "The Art of improving a Full and Prosperous Condition for the Glory of God." 
    This book was first published in 1675, and today we need this book even more. Nothing has changed in human nature or Divine nature, and because of that we find Jeremiah Burroughs' thoughts on prosperity, contentment and fullness timeless.
    The text Rev. Burroughs preached upon was Philippians 4:11-12, from the Letter of Joy, where Paul tells us that he has learned to be full in all circumstances, whether abased or abounding. And we wonder: How do we do that? I have always focused on the abased part, wondering "How would I be full if I were in want?" 
The more important question is, "How do I be full when I am prospering, like I am today?" 
 I read a quote that says that 90% of Christians fail the "prosperity test"- they don't know how to be full and content and Glorify God  

"This is our primary point:" Rev. Burroughs writes, "A Christian is taught by God to know how to be full."  He continues, "There are many who would gladly hear a lesson on how they could obtain fullness,  but they do not consider it as necessary to learn how to sanctify God in their fullness. 
If I could preach a sermon or two on how you could supply your wants and how you could obtain wealth, I have no question that our church would be filled with people. 
This would be the case if I were to teach poor people how they could get rich, or teach those who are disgraced how they could get honor, and the like.
But, I am teaching you a lesson from God rather than man, and that is much better. 
It is a better lesson for one to learn how to honor God in fullness than to learn how to get full." 

This book explains the idea of being full to the Glory of God. I think Rev. Burroughs would have been an amazing preacher to hear, and I am so glad that his books have been reissued for this generation. 

Thank you to Cross Focused Reviews for our copy of this book. 

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