Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stress Test. By Richard Mabry M.D


 From the first paragraph of Stress Test you are placed in the life of Dr. Matt Newman, a surgeon just coming off a long shift. You feel the tiredness, you pull out your car keys in the parking garage, and then attackers grab you from behind and you feel the cracking pain of breaking ribs as they throw you to the concrete floor.
 "Lets get him in the trunk," says the voice. And they bind Dr. Newman with duct tape and lock him in his own car's trunk.

This book does not let up, and you won't put it down.

When a body is found in the same trunk that Dr. Newman barely escapes, he is a "person of interest" in a murder. Dr. Newman meets attorney Sandra Murray, and the story just gets better as the mystery becomes more intense.

Sandra is an amazing character. Confident, smart, and Christian, I loved the way she looked out for Dr. Newman. I knew she was going to be my favorite female character when she said to Matthew "You're not on your own. I'm with you. We're a team." I loved watching her look out for him...coming to the hospital to pick him up after he worked late, making sure he went to the hospital after there is an attempt on his life. And there are multiple attempts on his life.

Dr. Newman himself is a person we grow attached to- we love his passion for helping people through medicine and his desire to be proven innocent.
The ease with which his old girlfriend Jennifer dumped him provided comic relief that was also tragic...she was so selfish, yet still tragic.

Matthew's relationship with Sandra was right, and realistic, growing out of their desire to see him acquitted of several crimes. Several. You saw that right. By the middle of this book, they are framing him for more than this one terrible murder.
And you are hoping that he lives through it.

Thank you Dr. Mabry for writing a book with danger, mystery, suspense and a very subtle hint of romance that grows out of caring love, the way it should. I am waiting for Heart Failure next!

I received Stress Test from the awesome book tour service Litfuse for this review. Thank you for the chance to read this book!

Richard Mabry is a Christian, husband, father and grandfather.    He writes his fascinating Medical Suspense Novels Sola Deo Gloria, to God's Glory Alone, and because of that they make excellent reading. Thank you, sir, for Stress Test and now I am eagerly waiting for Heart Failure!

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  1. Faith, So very glad you enjoyed Stress Test, and I hope that the readers of your blog do as well. I appreciate your kind words, and what you do with this blog.

    1. Thank you so much for writing your books! :-) My family loved this one!