Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tell Me A Story by Scott McClellan

"We are far from home; indeed, we are a long way East of Eden.
I understand that you want answers. But what we have is a Story,
which I would have you hear from the Beginning...."
Sean Gladding's The Story of God, The Story of Us, quoted in this book.

I loved Tell Me a Story, and I'm quite afraid my review will not do it justice. But I'll try anyway.
Tell Me a Story is a book about Life, about seeing Life as a story and seeing the Story in Life, about 'finding God and ourselves through narrative.'

That subtitle drew me in, because I am a story addict. I have always felt like I connect better with people and love them more when I am allowed to hear their story, and I often see people's lives as stories with Characters, Conflicts and the hope of Redemption. Somehow this puts things in perspective for me, and helps me understand people better. Everyone has a story, and every event is part of a story.

When we begin seeing God's works and unfolding plan as The Story, His Story, it makes even more sense.

I shall resist my temptation to quote whole pages of this book, the way I did to my family around the table as I was reading.
Instead I shall quote two paragraphs. "God gives us His Story that we might get a glimpse of who He is. But He doesn't stop there. God extends to us a story to enter, a story to put on, a story to tell."

"We must listen to and take part in the stories of others. Along the way, you'll hear hundreds of stories that make something of the world, but none will be as wide and long and high and deep as the Love of Christ expressed in the Story.
So we must tell stories of our own. We must engage and we must imagine and we must give them something to eat... because that is what storytellers do."

This book is very thought provoking and it gave me a lot to consider about life and art.
While reading, I felt as though I was having a conversation with Scott McClellan, the author.

And, this book is downright funny at times.
The fact that it made me laugh so many times was a bonus for me. I love a book that has well placed humor- especially when it deals with serious topics, like this one did.

 I would recommend Tell Me a Story to anyone who is looking for insights about life. If you are a story-lover who already understand the power of narrative to define and change lives, you need to read this. If you have never seen the Story in your life and wonder if there is one, you need to read this.
Tell me a Story.
5 Stars.

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