Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tower of Babel by Bodie Hodge.

I first found Bodie Hodge's writing at Answers In Genesis, and his articles have helped me and been a blessing to many Creationists.
He has now written a new book "The Tower of Babel: The Cultural History of our Ancestors."
When I saw this book coming in the Spring review list for New Leaf Publishing Group I jumped at the chance, and I found that this is a very interesting, thorough, and clearly written book.

As Creationists, we know that Genesis One through Eleven is under attack. Evolutionary ideologies are infiltrating the church, and the historical events of Creation, the Fall, and the Flood are being reinterpreted or rejected. We understand that we need to teach and defend the account of Creation, the Fall and the Flood as recorded in Scripture. We also need to defend another key moment in Earth's history: the Tower of Babel.

Bodie Hodge has placed scientific discoveries in the context of the Biblical narrative, giving us Creationist models and theories to help us understand history in light of Scripture.

Bodie Hodge's book does an excellent job showing us how Babel unlocks the answers to many questions: about languages and the origin of writing, about Post-Flood civilizations, about tribes and nations, about post-Babel travel to other countries.
This book piqued my curiosity about all of these things, and Mr. Hodge has included notes and suggestions for further research so that we can keep studying, using this book as an introduction.

For example,
Did you know that off Japan's coast is an underwater step pyramid that sits on an area of land that was exposed during the after the flood ice age? It is believed that the descendants of Babel built that step pyramid as when they settled there on that land bridge for a time during their travels to other places. After reading this, I went online and looked up photos of the underwater step pyramid, my curiosity sparked by this book.
And there are many other things mentioned in The Tower of Babel to spark the imagination and a love of history, such as charts of all the flood legends worldwide and the different genealogies that trace back to Noah and his family.
Truly, when we study the history in Scripture, we are studying our ancestors. This will be a great high-school level study in Creation science, history and anthropology. Thank you so much to New Leaf Press Group and Bodie Hodge for my copy to review!

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